Featured Design Contest: Restore And Refresh Aesthetics – Skincare Business Logo

Today’s design contest spotlight features a new logo Hatchwise created for a brand new skincare business called Restore and Refresh. Even though the contest creator, Mstumler, offered a modest prize of $50, they received what may possibly be a literal metric ton of entries. 

The client requested a simple, circular design, with possibly a splash of color to make it stand out. We sifted through the many pages of contest submissions (a grand total of 263, by the way) and selected just a few to share with you. Even with so many designs, it’s interesting to note that each one uses a circle (or suggestion of a circle) in one way or another along with the text. It’s fun to see all the different variations that can be made with this theme.

A Few Entry Comparisons


#2978077 by Samrawaheed

This simple, text-based design features a casual, scripted font. The offset placement and asymmetrical circle create interest and appeal. 


#2978283 by Iam

The ginkgo leaves create a delicate, natural effect with the blocky lettering in the text here. Blue and gold are chosen as per the client’s suggestion.


#2978696 by Emmanjose

The oblong outline here appears to be sketched by hand, with the outline of a woman’s face incorporated among the leaves and gazing upward.


#2978730 by minakjinggo

A figure of a woman is centered in this design on a background of lavender. She seems to be stepping into a calm pool of water, while a butterfly perches on each of her hands.


#2978732 by pawikmulya

The two R’s of the company name mirror each other, with stems and leaves growing out of their ends. The designer experimented with the blue and gold colors that the client requested, and we can see two different variations.


#2978948 by Rikfan

Rather than using blue and gold colors, this artist went with soft pinks and browns. The circle of text frames a simple image of a butterfly.


#2979028 by Real

A woman’s peaceful expression emerges from the edge of this circular design. Flowing gold lines draw leaves, flowers and stars, with scripted gold letters spelling out the company name below.


#2979093 by minakjinggo

This playful design uses a circle to illustrate the cycle of transformation and rebirth. While it differs stylistically from the flowing, feminine lines of the other logos, the image offers a fresh perspective and an intriguing concept.


#2978974 by Emily_art

The lavender background here makes the gold and teal colors stand out in this simple but elegant design.

And the winner is…

Winning entry by ekowahyu

After receiving hundreds of entries during the contest period, Mstumler awarded the $50 prize to ekowahyu for this design. While several different color schemes and images were suggested, they decided on a simple black-and-white design, with a circular shape and diagonal symmetry. It will look great scaled up or down, on signage, T-shirts, or product labels. 

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