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Featured Design Contest: Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd. – T-Shirt Design Contest

T-shirts are an excellent way for companies to advertise and can be one of the most effective marketing methods available. When marketers are struggling with their advertising, a simple solution is to display their company on a t-shirt.

T-shirts can be used in many ways to advertise, whether it’s through a logo on employees’ shirts or a catchy saying on a t-shirt. Since a t-shirt is easily seen and worn everywhere, it gets a lot of traction and helps companies reach broader audiences.

At Hatchwise, we are always honored to design t-shirts for companies. In this blog post, we will take a detailed look at a recent opportunity where a client requested a new t-shirt design. We will discuss what was requested, showcase a few of the entries, and reveal the winning design. 

What Was Requested 

The client, a charter helicopter company in Canada with over 40 helicopters, filled out a contest brief to receive a new t-shirt design. They requested artwork depicting helicopters in action, with two or three designs for heliski, fire fighting, and exploration work.

The client also requested their logo and slogan, “Safety Efficiency Service,” to be included on the shirt. They were looking for a design that would work for both long and short sleeves and wanted something exciting.

Hatchwise creatives reviewed the project brief before starting work on their designs for the contest.

A Few Of The Entries 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative monstersox

This design showcases a mock-up of a black t-shirt with a unique setting. The design features a helicopter with a person dangling from it and a yellow forest in the background. The company name is displayed in large black letters with a fancy font.

The mountains are depicted in white and grey, while the helicopter is in red and white. The design is displayed on a white background, giving the client a clear idea of how it would look on a t-shirt. Overall, the design effectively showcases the setting and provides an impressive mock-up.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Maulana85

The design is visually striking, with a yellow helicopter flying above a mountainous backdrop and the company name in a unique font.

Using yellow on a black background creates a bold contrast that draws attention to the design. The overall impression of the design accurately represents the company and its services.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative ukingsatriani

The design features a circular shape with a white helicopter flying over a mountain and water setting. The ground is depicted in grey, while the inside layer of the circle is yellow with black letters displaying the company name.

The design is set against a bold black background, creating a striking and effective display for the company.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative MRDesign

The next design submitted to the contest includes a mock-up of the design on a t-shirt and two color options to choose from. The design features the company name in a fancy font, with the first part enclosed in a circle and the company slogan around it.

The design is showcased in black with a white and yellow background option. The design is simple yet effectively highlights the stunning design while providing the client with options. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Adam

The upcoming design takes a new direction by featuring a setting and displaying it on a t-shirt mock-up. The design portrays a helicopter flying against a yellow background with black and white mountains below it. The circular background encompasses the company slogan, with the company name positioned below it.

The client provided two versions of the design, one with black letters and the other with yellow. The design showcases two mock-ups, one with a black t-shirt and the other with a white one.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative jrazul

The design submitted for the contest is notably more intricate than the other entries. It features a grey helicopter in front of the company name, displayed in yellow and red.

The company slogan is also in yellow and white below the name, all set against a black background. The designer went above and beyond by providing a mock-up of the design on a black t-shirt to give the client a better idea of how it would look in reality.

The design is unique and incorporates multiple elements that complement each other. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative exvy

The design incorporates the company name and slogan in yellow, placed to the right of a yellow helicopter working to put out a fire at the base of the design. The company name is in a small and fancy font, while the slogan is in bold and big letters in yellow.

The design is showcased on a black t-shirt mock-up, and the entire mock-up is displayed on a white background. The design is detailed and yet classy, taking the company name in different directions through color and concept. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative dragandjb

The latest design showcases a unique approach, featuring the company name displayed sideways on a t-shirt mock-up with the slogan below it. The helicopter is positioned straight at the end of the company name in white, the first half in yellow, and the second half in white.

Additionally, the back of the t-shirt features the company slogan in white letters, accompanied by a large helicopter design in white and yellow. The t-shirt is black, creating a striking contrast between the colors used in the design.

The Winning Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative wahyu16

After thoroughly reviewing all 85 submitted entries, the client selected a winning design to showcase their company on t-shirts. The chosen design features a yellow-green color scheme and prominently displays a helicopter in half-grey and half-yellow.

The company name is also incorporated into the design, split between the two colors. The creative team presented the client with three different versions of the logo on mock-ups: one on paper, one on a wall, and one on a grey shirt.

The final design effectively captures the essence of the company’s mission and style, resulting in a sleek and stylish logo. Witnessing the client’s satisfaction with the contest’s outcome is always a highlight of our day. 

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