Featured Logo Contest: Frudy Farms

We see hundreds of amazing contests run here at Hatchwise, but this contest for a permaculture farm sparked our interest. Their farm allows people to come out to the country and get a taste of farm living and living off-grid. Their target is all-inclusive, but especially embraces the LGBTQIA community and is a welcoming space for them. They asked that the logo include colors of the PRIDE flag, animals and fruit. 

The farm said that they left most of the logo options up to the creatives to create a logo that they’d love. Let’s take a look at all the unique and creative entries that they received! 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Diarga01

This first entry shows a farm with chickens and the company name beneath it in colored letters. While the upper part of the logo is shown in simple black and white the letters are the only colored par in the logo, standing out in comparison to the black and white images above. This logo entry is creative and includes what the client requested! 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative LP Design

This entry is different from the first, instead, it shows an apple as the main event with the name beneath it. Colors are used throughout the logo and the apple is sliced and stacked, with the name below it. As requested, the logo uses the pride flag colors throughout it to represent the LGBTQIA community. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative juons

This logo is simpler than the others, including three main colors and a bird and tree as the main aspects of it. The logo simply shows a bird standing underneath a tree with an apple above and the company name below. The color uses different shades of purple as the main colors in the logo but also uses green and red. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Sandymanme

This entry mainly focuses on the company name, showing the colored letters with three animals in the front. The letters are colored while the animals in the front are in black. Half the name is in green underneath the first part in a different font. This entry is creative and balances out the colors well. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative hary creative

This entry uses a light purple as the main color and the design shows a ring around three animals. A rooster, rabbit, and parrot stand in the ring, above the company name. Two of the animals are different colors, standing out from purple. This logo is simple and the slight color variation adds character. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative wannen19

This entry shows a green ring around a scene where a dog and rooster stand in front of a windmill. Although green is the main color choice for the outer ring, inside the colors blue, red, orange, and purple are used. This entry is unique and tells what the company does with a simple concept. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Nish

This entry is drastically different from the others, opting out of using the same colors as the others and going with a different idea. Instead, the creators chose to include the company name in front, with green rolling hills and a blue sky in the back. A barn is featured behind with birds flying over it. This is one of the few entries submitted to this contest that chose not to use the colors of the pride flag or incorporate animals into their design. 

The Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Jagad Langit

After reviewing all the entries submitted by our creatives and rating them, the company chose a winning entry to use as their new logo. The winning entry is shown above and was submitted by one of our creatives, Jagad Langit. The entry creatively uses a chicken standing underneath a tree with the company name below it. Congratulations to Jagad Langit and we’re happy that the company got a result that they love!      

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