Featured Company: Earth Dynamics LLC

This active contest for Earth Dynamics LLC is seeing some fun and unique entries from Hatchwise creatives. The client is offering a prize amount of $150 for the winning entry chosen and, after reviewing the content brief, Hatchwise creatives have already gotten started on submitting entries for the client to review. Although we’re still seeing entries come in, we wanted to share some of our favorite entries from the contest so far! 

About The Company 

Earth Dynamics is an evacuation site contractor looking for a new logo for their company. They’re a family run business with the company having only twenty employees. They provide a variety of services, ranging from solar fields to commercial building sites. They state in their contest brief that they’re always looking to invest in new technology in the industry to stay ahead of the competition. 

The company is looking for a new logo with the name displayed and a blade or bulldozer to put a play on what the company does. They want the logo to display what they do and what the core of the company is through design. They gave a list of their preferences, with the only thing that they didn’t want to be included in the logo being ‘Bubble Letters’. Here are some of our top favorites from this contest so far! 

The Current Entries Submitted  

Since the contest was started, Hatchwise creatives have quickly gotten busy with submitting entries to the contest for the client to review. All entries are based on the information given by the client, with some versions abbreviating the name and using the company slogan, ‘Safe – Efficient – Quality’. Without further ado, here are some of the top entries submitted by creatives so far! 


Design submitted by Hatchwise creative MuhammadR

This design shows a unique twist on the entries submitted since it includes both the abbreviated name (ED) and the full name (Earth Dynamics LLC). It also includes the slogan on the bottom of the logo and an excavator through the letters on the top. The logo is a simple, classy, and clean black and white design that gives it a professional and stylish vibe. 


Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative kaharjo

This entry stands out for its colorful options, a choice that many creatives chose to leave out. The creative chose to c colors into the logo, giving a few different color options. The first is with both an orange and dark grey used on the colors. The second option shows orange letters on a dark grey background and the third option shows grey letters with an orange background. This design entry stands out for its colorful options. 


Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Amit1991

This entry is a clean, classy design with a little bit of color included to make it stand out. The logo includes the company name and the slogan below it, with an excavator design above the company name. Half of the design and letters are in a light red, giving the logo a fresh and fun look.

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