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Hatchwise contests are always fun and exciting. There are so many different companies, branding ideas, and creative designs that it’s truly a delight to be involved and to have a firsthand look at everything coming through. 

One recent Hatchwise contest was for Davenport Cleaning Co. This domestic cleaning company requested a logo design from one of the many talented Hatchwise designers. The contest was quite popular, with 193 entries from 63 creatives, making it quite challenging to choose the winner.  

Here’s a closer look at the Davenport Cleaning Co. logo design contest:

Contest Request

Davenport Cleaning Co requested a contest for their new logo design. They were looking for something very clean and simple, without any stereotypical pictures or drawings of cleaning equipment. Desired colors included neutrals, black, white, and possibly a bit of green or purple. The winning design, with a prize of $50, would be used both online and in print, for business cards, letterheads, brochures, and more. 

Contest Entries/Winner

After the nearly 200 entries were received, they were carefully poured over until the winner was chosen. Surprisingly, many of the designs missed the specification to avoid any pictures of cleaning equipment and included brooms, mops, buckets, and spray bottles in their logos. It goes to show how important it is to really comb through each company’s requests. 

However, there were some incredible designs that shone and took to heart the simplicity of the request. Take a look at some of the top designs and get a glimpse of the winning entry: 

The custom design by Mozzarella features the simplicity requested by Davenport along with a creative touch. The company name is smooth and clear with a sparkling clean home that stands out in the background. There is depth and creativity in the design that made it a great contender. 

Smooth and straight to the point, this design features only two colors, which fall within the parameters. The green and gray contrast one another, while the “V” in Davenport transforms into a geometric feature that pops. 

This design took a risk, including both the company name and initials. The name is clean, bold, and written in a neutral color. The initials are used in an illustrated image, three connected green houses with DCC as part of their structure. Altogether, the illustration, company name, and initials, created a nice design. 

The design by Novin features one color, a darker green, and strong, bold letters spelling out the company name. It looks nice and smooth, without any distracting design elements. The “O” in Davenport is set apart from the rest of the letters through depth and color. It is made to look like a shining bubble floating up and away. 

Smooth and geometric, this design sets itself apart by using defining lines that make a statement. Davenport is enclosed in a type of box in blue letters, while the rest of the title remains below in green. This design style essentially separates Davenport from the rest of the name, drawing the eyes to the word within the lines. 

KMNExpertline had a few designs that really stood out from the others. They used the requested colors to create a very bold and secure background. This one uses a dark purple, while their similar designs included a green and a black background. For this design, everything is in one, contrasting with the purple background. A shining home is on the left, with the company name on the right. 

The design by Real includes a cursive-type font for Davenport, giving it a softer feel than other designs. The entire logo uses black, for both text and picture, which is contrasted against a white background. Along with the company name, there is a rooftop image with a clean splash of water rounding out the logo overhead. 

Geometric shapes and simple text make up this clean design from okley. The company name is thin, with to-the-point black text. Above the words is a green circular geometric design that adds an air of creativity to the simplistic logo. 

Instead of using neutral colors, this design goes right to the also requested greens and purples, giving it a striking look. The company name is broken into two colors, Davenport in purple and Cleaning Co in green. A large D above the name includes both colors and some shine, creating an impression of cleanliness. It’s a nice design that follows the requested elements while making a statement. 

The winning logo by Ryu0 is a seamless and uncomplicated design that is straight and to the point. With black text on a white background, Davenport is written in a simple yet classy font. The only element other than the company name is one sparkle extending from the R into the center of the O. This winning entry meets all requirements and truly stands out with its simplified classiness. It proves the point that when a company asks for clean and simple, they mean clean and simple. 

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