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Featured Design Contest: Star Bar Grill Branson – T-Shirt Design For A Restaurant

At Hatchwise, we get to look through hundreds of different contests across our database daily, and as illustration enthusiasts, we are always excited to see the high-quality designs that come across our screens. We run various contests, from logos to web pages, and always look for designs that stand out.

For this particular t-shirt design contest, we found a variety of unique designs of high quality. We have compiled our favorites to share with our readers below! We value the opportunity to see striking and individual designs with high-quality features that stand apart, and these are a few of our favorites with those qualities.

What Was Requested 

Whenever a client is looking to run a contest, the first thing they do is fill out a creative brief that provides our Hatchwise creatives with the information they need to create detailed designs tailored to the specific brand. This particular client was interested in having a t-shirt design done for their company, Star Bar Grill Branson. The brief provided four ideas for the design, each with a unique concept. The first design featured a classier pig eating a massive steak at a high-end table setting, with the pig looking impressed and surprised.

The second design was to feature a pig dressed up like a tourist about to eat a giant cheeseburger with fries. The third design was to feature a casually dressed pig with a big table and lots of food, such as a BBQ platter. The fourth design was to feature a pig standing in front of a building sketch with the company logo integrated. The client also specified that the pig should not be cartoonish, but more sophisticated and real-looking and that the design should not have a corny appeal.

A Few Of The Entries Submitted 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative EdRCreative

This first design is a simplistic yet fun one, featuring a black-and-white design with a big plate of meat in front of it. The pig is smiling, and its hoofs are holding the plate. To the right of the design, a fun font displays the words ‘What The Pork Star Bar Grill Banson.’ The design is black and grey, while the background is white. These elements combine to create a comprehensive and unique design that is fun and informative, showing what the company is all about

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative wongsanus

This next design is more detailed than the first, featuring a circle with the company slogan above it and the name below. In the center of the circle, a pig is holding a knife and fork, with a beer sitting next to him and two slabs of meat in front of him. The most significant difference in this design from the previous one is the inclusion of color, with the meat shown in red and the beer colored. The rest of the design is shown in black and white, with a fun design that stands apart by using an artistic font.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Rashed251

This next design has the most detail we’ve seen, with an enthusiastic and adventurous design that uses various colors and an artistic scene. The design features a mock-up of a t-shirt with a circle in the center, containing a pink pig wearing a white chef’s outfit and holding a platter with a beer on top.

The background of the circle is black and white, with a black pan containing two handles on either side. Surrounding the circle is various food and drink, and at the bottom is the company name in two colors. This design will surely be a hit with its unique and creative design.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative dragandjb

This design utilizes a mock-up to display its design, primarily black and white with only a single element of color. In the center of the mock-up is a pig, with sun rays on either side. Above the pig is the company name in a unique font, and the company’s slogan is below it. At the bottom of the design is a plate with red wine and a plate of meat, both in red, adding a touch of color to the otherwise black-and-white design.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Rashed251

The next design is a fun and relaxed depiction of a pig wearing green overalls and standing on one leg, holding a piece of meat on a fork with one hand and a mug of beer in the other. The pig is leaning against a barrel and has a speech bubble with the company slogan. The colorful design uses various elements to create a unique, classy look that looks great on a t-shirt. The pig is smiling, and the overall design is very eye-catching. This design will make a statement and be a hit with customers.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Shanku

This t-shirt design features a black rectangle with a pig standing inside, wearing a backward baseball cap and sunglasses, pants, and sneakers. The pig stands with its bottom feet crossed, and the company name is printed on the side. The design is presented in black and white on an off-white t-shirt, giving it a unique yet simplistic look without using too many details.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative dragandjb

This option takes a drastically different approach than the previous designs, focusing solely on the pig for the back of the t-shirt. The front of the design has the company name in bold red lettering inside a rectangle. The font is unique and stands out, giving the design a sharp and classy look. The back of the t-shirt features a more intricate design, which includes a pig, the company name, a circle, a triangle, and a rectangle. All of the components work together to create a unique and eye-catching design.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Shanku

This design features a pink pig wearing glasses and a dress sitting at a table with a meal in front of it. The company name is split into two parts, with the first at the top above the pig and the second below the table. The name is written in white, with a black outline behind it. The design uses multiple colors to make it stand out and create an individual look. It is displayed on a t-shirt mockup so that viewers can see exactly how the design would look on a t-shirt.

The Winning Result 

Winning result submitted by Hatchwise creative taks0not

After carefully reviewing all the entries submitted by our team of creatives, the client chose the winning design that would be used on their t-shirt and website. The design, shown above, was submitted by creative taks0not and included two different color options and a mock-up of the design on a t-shirt. The first color option is a black and red design featuring a pig sitting at a table and eating meat, with the company name featured both above and below the design. The design is fun and detailed, with small elements such as a glass of wine adding to the overall look. We’re always happy when a client receives a design they love! 

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