Star Bar Grill Branson -a T-Shirt Design Contest by StarBarGrill

Creative Brief

Contest received 37 entries and the contest holder has awarded a winner.

Company or website name

Star Bar Grill Branson

Links to the website

Starbar Grill

Describe your company and organization and target audience

I want 4 Tshirt designs with a classier pig with the pig saying:

1) WTP: What the Pork!!!

This pig eating at high end table setting and cutting into a massive steak with glass of wine. And him looking impressed and surprised and excited to eat this steak!

2) Best Porkin’ food in the “Dam” area!
This pig dressed up like a tourist about to eat a big cheese burger with fries.

3) We’re not Porkin’ around!!!
Pig dressed casually with big table and lots of food Bbq platter, etc

4) Porkin’ Ridiculous!
A pig standing in front of face of building sketch with logo integrated.

Some info:
Star Bar Grill Branson
Breakfast Lunch Dinner
Open daily 7am-10pm
Friday and Saturday 7am-mid

The design should have the following

Pig (I have a pic of our metal pig I’d like for this pig not to be cartoonish but more sophisticated and real looking) we are an American Restaurant that specializes in BBQ. So I don’t want a corny appeal.

Briefly describe your contest

4 pig designs for T-shirt’s and website