Featured Logo Design Contest: Riverroll

We love reviewing contests and getting the opportunity to see what the client requested and the entries that were submitted. Our creatives always submit a variety of designs to contests and it’s fascinating when we get to see what was submitted and what the winning result was. We see not only a variety of concepts entered, but a variety of contests run by a different range of clients looking for designs. This fun contest for a roller-skating facility caught our eye and had us interested to see the concepts that had been submitted for it. 

After seeing how creative the entries submitted were and the amazing results for this contest, we thought that it would be great to share it with our readers and show them the entries as well. 

We’ve collected some information on the contest, the company that the logo is for, and a few of our favorite entries as well as the winning entry that was shown as the new logo for the business. Let’s take a look and see what we think! 

What Was Requested 

River Roll is a roller-skating facility that offers fun family activities and birthday parties, as well as offering services for other events. The client requested that the logo be related to roller skating and incorporate their company name, River Roll. The company has been around for 25 years and was looking for something special to refresh their marketing and draw attention to their business. 

When it comes to colors, the business said that they had quite a variety of colors that they associated with their company. They said that multi-color would be fine for the logo and they were open to options when it came to the logo color palette. Since they use a range of colors for their business, it was open to the creatives to let their creativity take over when it came to designing. The creatives reviewed the contest brief and got to work on their entries to submit to the contest! 

Entries Submitted 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Nish

This first entry shown uses a circle for the logo idea, using a variety of colors. Green, yellow, red, blue, and dark blue are all incorporated into the design. There’s a roller skate in the center of the circle and the name is above it. Below the skate is featured the company tagline, “Love To Skate”. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Jheebsyn

This entry is creative, opting to use one of the roller skates wheels for the ‘O’ in the company name. Below is the company tagline, “Love to Skate”. The design keeps it simple by only using a few colors in the logo; yellow, blue, green, and white. The font is thin and creative on a very light blue background. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Amit1991

This option takes a more cartoon look on the logo, an option to make the skate the main event with white hearts on red wheels. Below the company name is shown in blue and red with the tagline beneath it in black. The design is on a white background and uses two different fonts, one that’s simple while the other is more elegant. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative LizardSY

This unique entry is different from the others shown, opting to use a circle for the logo. Inside the center of the circle, it shows a person white skates with red wheels, blue laces on a light blue floor. There’s a circle around this and inside that and the larger circle is the company name and tagline. Two hearts separate the name from the tagline, with the name shown in dark blue and the tagline shown in red. The outer circle is shown in the same light blue as the flooring in the center. 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative sujono

This creative chose to take a unique twist on the contest brief, opting to do a logo that was entirely centered on the name. The name is shown as the body of a rollerblade, with the wheels in black while the company name is shown in yellow and the tagline in white. There’s also red incorporated into the logo to give it a touch of color. 

The Winning Entry 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Armchtrm

After reviewing and rating the entries that were submitted to the contest the client chose the winning entry that they would use as their company logo. The winning entry is shown above and was submitted by Hatchwise creative Armchtrm. The logo shows a roller skate with the name incorporated into the body of the roller skate in yellow and orange. The creative submitted a few different color versions of the logo, including a simpler dark blue and white color version.

Congratulations to Armchtrm on submitting the winning entry! 

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