Featured Design Contest: Backyard Life Designs – An Outdoor Living Experience Company

At Hatchwise, our team is always excited to review contests and look at the entries our talented creatives submit. We love to see the unique and stunning submissions our creatives provide to our clients, as they have the experience to know what it takes to create stylish and classy designs that are visually appealing and tailored to each client. Our staff has a deep appreciation for design work and truly enjoys seeing high-quality work, so seeing the many diverse designs that our creatives submit is always a highlight of the workday. We understand that it would be selfish to keep these beautiful designs to ourselves, so we always take the chance to share them with others. 

Our blog posts are a great way to showcase some of our favorite designs and provide more information about the contest. So if you want to see a few of our favorite designs and learn more about the contest, read on!

What Was Requested 

To start receiving a new logo for their company, the client filled out a contest brief describing what they’re looking for and sharing a bit about their brand. This client started by detailing how they design high-end residential pools that work to complete a cohesive and stylish outdoor appearance. The client requested that the logo appeals to a high-end audience while complementing what they provide. Hatchwise creatives read the design brief before starting their entries to submit.  

Entries Submitted 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Erlando

This first entry is a unique and artistic design that features a half circle over a rectangle with the company name inside. A house with a pool in front of it is within the half circle, surrounded by green grass and a few trees. Behind the setting is a blue and white sky featured on a white background. It is a beautiful design that captures the eye and makes a lasting impression.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative basar

The second design focuses more on the company name than the first one, featuring it in large letters towards the bottom of the logo. Above the company name is a circle that shows a blue pool with a house behind it and a blue and white sky in the background. The circle is outlined in a dark blue that matches the first letter of the company name, with a light blue for the rest of the name. The design includes a few different colors that stand out and some sparkling features towards the front.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative iiffirmansyah94

This design is larger than the others, with the first part of the company name in dark blue at the forefront. Above the name is a half circle with a pool setting inside. The pool house, sky background, palm trees, and water are all shown.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Tony_Brln

This design focuses on deep and dark color choices, using dark blue and purple as the primary colors. The company name is split in two, the first in dark purple and the second in lighter blue. Above the name is a half circle containing a pool with a house, surrounded by shady trees and birds flying above. The entire design is set on a white background.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Tony_Brln

This design takes a more simplified approach to the concept. Instead of including a half circle, the company name is shown in larger letters in dark blue with the slogan in grey below the company name. Above the name a dark blue pool full of water is shown with a house above it. These are the only features of the design, which is set against a clean white background to keep it minimalistic and basic.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Tony_Brln

The upcoming design is unique and eye-catching, as it takes a different approach than we have seen before. Big brown letters are used to spell out the company name, with the outline of the name in the same brown. Above the letters is a half circle containing a pool with a beautiful sunset in the background. Birds are flying above the pool, with a picket fence and green trees to the side. All of these elements are combined and presented against a clean white background.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative iiffirmansyah94

The next design opts to use a rectangle instead of a half circle. The logo is shown inside the rectangle with the company name in large white letters and a pool setting above. This design features a house with a pool in front and dark blue trees on either side. The colors range from light blue for the sky to dark blue for the trees and the rectangle filling. This creates a vibrant and eye-catching design.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Armchtrm

The entry above presents two different versions of the same design, offering two distinct colors for the client to choose from. The top version features a pool setting design, with a house, trees, and a pool with birds flying above it in blue. The second version is the same design, except it is in black, with both designs set against a clean white background. The design is simple and clean yet features certain elements that stand out, such as the house and the birds.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative hartono

This simple design showcases a half circle with the company name in large, light blue letters below it. The company name uses two different fonts, an elegant one for the first part and an ordinary font for the second one. Above it inside the circle is shown a pool with a fire and a surrounding it. The design keeps the logo simplistic on a white background and allows the colors to stand out in comparison. 

The Winning Entry 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Armchtrm

After reviewing the submitted entries, the client finally settled on a winning entry they would use as their new logo. Submitted by Hatchwise creative Armchtrm, the design features the company name in bold, dark blue letters that stand out against a white background and a pool setting above. The design uses a variety of different blue and dark blue colors that combine to create an attractive design. We’re always happy to see clients receive a new logo they love and use! 

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