Logo Design Case Study: Fictionera

Here at Hatchwise, we get to see contests run daily with a variety of interesting concepts submitted and a stellar result chosen as the winning design. Although we’re always intrigued to see design contests no matter the type, when it comes to logo design contests we’re fascinated with seeing the concepts submitted. In this blog post we take a few of our top favorite concepts from this contest and not only do we share them but we also look over what the client requested and what the winning result was. If you’re curious to see all this and more then read the article below.

What Was Requested 

The client started the process of receiving their new logo by filling out a contest brief where they described what they were looking for and wrote some information about their company. In this brief, the client described their company as, “Fictionera is a website that teaches writers how to write a novel. It will have writing tips, courses, webinars, and exercises on writing that will help neebie writers craft good stories. It focuses on only Fiction (that’s why name is Fictionera) Target Audience – Anyone who wants to write a book (All budding authors who write Romance, thrillers or any type of novel)” As for the style of the design they said that they wanted it kept unique and simple. 

The Entries Submitted 

The first entry that we see shows the company name in big black letters and a clearly defined font. Above the company name we see a circle shown and inside it is a book and a pen in white, purple and blue. There’s only a small amount of color included in the design to keep things simple and it’s all shown on a white background. The entire design is simple but also has character and accurately explains what the company does. 

This second design shows the same design with two different color options for the customer to choose from. The design itself shows the company name in big black letters and a distinct font and above it, we see an open book with a figure in between the pages. The bottom choice shows the design in two different shades of blue and gold. The second concept shows orange and green as the color choices. 

The third concept is different than the previous ones, putting the main focus on the name. The name is shown in big black letters and to the left we see the tip of a pen in green with a black tip. The design is shown on a white background and is kept minimalistic to put the focus on the name and what the company does. 

This next design is shown on a black background and shows the company name in a white font. Above that we see a feather in white and yellow, the design being the only touch of color in the logo. This logo concept is clean while also having enough detail to show what the company does and having some mystery with it. 

The last design opts to keep things simple with the concept, showing the company name in black to the left of a pen tip. The name is in black with the pen in gold on a white background. The font is elegant, uniquely showcasing each letter and making sure that it stands out. This design remains simple and clean by only using a few colors and keeping the font unique. 

The Result

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative rejeky_design 

After they looked through all the concepts that had been submitted to the contest and rated them, the client decided on the winning entry. The result is shown above and features a minimalistic and clean design with only a couple of features. It shows the company name in a clean, black font below a design in yellow. The winning entry is everything that the company was looking for while also being individual and unique. 

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