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Featured T-Shirt Design Contest: HIPPIE ROOTS T-Shirt Design – T-Shirt Design

One of the best parts of working at Hatchwise is that we get the opportunity to see some of the most unique and artistic designs to be created. It’s always a good day in the office when we share our favorite contests with our readers, and this week, that content is a t-shirt design contest run for the company Hippie Roots. The company was looking for a t-shirt design that could effectively display their company while also being aesthetically pleasing and creating a design that people would be proud to wear. They chose Hatchwise as the company that would fulfill this need within their company, and our team started immediately on the request. 

What Was Requested 

The client started their process by filling out a contest brief that detailed exactly what they were looking for and what they wanted to be included in the design. The client requested a t-shirt design for their company, Hippie Roots. They described their target audience as fishermen and wanted the design to include an octopus. Hatchwise creatives reviewed the creative brief before starting their designs to submit to the contest

Entries Submitted 

#2481605 by exvy

This first entry uses vibrant colors in the design to make it stand out and use an artistic approach. The design focuses on the octopus with the words ‘Good Times Never Die’ shown above it. The design is displayed on a white background, creating a clean and simplistic design that would work well on a t-shirt and easily tie it together with vibrant colors. 

#2480960 by Rafiki

The second entry displays a mock-up of the design, showing the company name with an orange octopus design above it. The mock-up is shown on a white t-shirt with the company name and letters in dark blue and the octopus design in orange above it. Overall the design is clean and simplistic, creating an artistic design that makes a solid impression on customers. 

#2481704 by balsh

This next contest entry uses bold and detailed colors that work together to create a unique and stylish design. The design shows the company name with ‘Good Times Never Die’ shown below the name, and above it, we see a water sunset scene with a fisherman reeling in an orange and red octopus. The scene shows a sunset behind the boat with the fisherman and the octopus, showing two options for the design. We see a white background option to the left and on the right since we see a black background option. 

#2481587 by tanvir222000

This next design takes a different turn with the use of the octopus, showing a red octopus design with the company name underneath it. Below, we see ‘Good Times Never Die’ displayed in the same font as the company. The design is sleek and stylish, using elements that give it personality and make an impression from the start. 

#2481126 by maskii22

This next design opts to take things differently by submitting an entry that focuses on an all-black design. The design appears to have an ink outlining, showing an incredibly detailed octopus wearing a crown in the center of the t-shirt mockup with letters above and below the design. The dark design stands out in contrast to the clean white t-shirt and is shown directly in the center of the shirt. 

#2481892 by Rikfan

This design stands out in contrast to the previous ones, showing a purple octopus on a light purple background. The dark purple octopus contrasts with a light purple oval in the center of the design, and the writing is shown below. A creative font shows “Hippie Roots,” and below that, we see “Good Times Never Die.” The second sentence is shown in black letters, while the first sentence is shown in a thick, creative font in dark purple. The design is creative and fun, offering a happy and creative octopus and an overall fun aspect to a t-shirt. 

#2481582 by tanvir222000

This next t-shirt entry shows the client two different versions they can choose from. The design shows an octopus in a black outline, and below it, we see the company name and ‘Good Times Never Die.’ Above the octopus, we see the word ‘Fisherman’ with stars above it, and we see the creative offered two different options. The first option shows the design on a white background and the second on a black t-shirt. 

#2481149 by doel_tangsi

The last entry shows a brightly colored design with the octopus as the center of the design. The octopus is shown in orange and yellow in the center of a circle, with the company name displayed above the octopus inside two circles. The design includes a variety of unique and individual colors, including orange, yellow and blue. The design shows an orange and yellow octopus inside a blue circle with the company name inside the circle, and the letters below are in white. 

The Winning Entry 

Winning entry #2481257 submitted by Hatchwise creative Raymond

After reviewing all the entries submitted by Hatchwise creatives, the client settled on a winning entry they would use for their t-shirt design. The winning entry is shown above and features a simplistic and clean design. The creative opted to only include two octopus tentacles in the center of a circle with the company name about it and the slogan below it. The design keeps things simple by only including black and white for the color scheme and maintaining a fun and simple font for the design.

Congratulations to the winner and we’re thrilled that the client received the desired result! 

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