Featured Design Contest: Black Girl MoJo: Clothing Brand Company Logo

At Hatchwise, we are always thrilled to witness projects being run, especially when we get to see the creative designs of our talented designers. When clients run a project, we understand that they will receive a selection of unique and extraordinary designs tailored to their requests and perfect for their business. This project for Black Girl Mojo was no exception; from the moment we saw it, we knew we had to share it with our readers. After viewing the project entries submitted, we chose our top ten favorites and compiled them in this blog post. Read on below to see our ten favorite entries from the contest and the winning result for the contest! 

What Was Requested 

To begin the design process, Hatchwise creatives read through the contest brief provided by the client. The brief outlined the client’s business, which was an African American clothing brand celebrating the beauty, greatness, magic, and success of Black Women and girls. The client requested a new logo for their company, with a black, white, and purple theme, leaning more towards an emblem type of style, possibly incorporating the initials BGM. With this information in mind, Hatchwise creatives began working on their entries for the contest.

Entries Submitted 

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative Emily_art

This first entry features the company initials with a woman’s side profile above the letters. The letters are in a rectangle and feature a purple ‘B’ and ‘m’ and a black ‘G’ in the center. Underneath the rectangle, the company name is shown, and above it, next to the woman’s face, are dots on either side. The woman is wearing a purple earring that stands out compared to the black silhouette. The design is shown on a white background, making it appear sharp and bold.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative gondem

The second design option presented to the client features a woman’s profile inside a circle, with a rectangle below it containing the company name and slogan. This simple and clean design offers the client two different versions to choose from––one with a purple background and one with a white background. This allows the client to select the design that best suits their needs.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative jragem

This third design uses the colors that the client requested––black and purple––on a sleek white background. The artistic design takes the logo in a new direction, featuring the company initials in the middle of a circle, with the name shown below. A woman’s profile faces to the right, wearing a bright white earring above the center ‘G.’ The circle is divided into two sections: the outer ring in black and the inner circle in purple, which stands out nicely on the white background. This design is sure to make a statement and capture customers’ attention.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative gondem

This design stands out from the others due to its unique font and bright colors. The company name and slogan are on the right side of the design, written in big black letters. To the left of the text is a purple silhouette of a woman with her curled hair down around her face and styled. The contrast between the purple and black against the white background creates an attractive and simplistic design, making it appear different from the others.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative gembelengan 

This design relies heavily on the font aspect of the design, excluding anything image based. It features two different fonts, one cursive and one basic, inside a purple rectangle on a white background. The letters are black and purple, creating a unique text-based logo that stylishly displays the company name and slogan. By relying solely on font, this design stands out and is sure to draw attention.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative gembelengan

This logo design is truly remarkable, combining a classy font with a unique design to create an eye-catching and artistic logo. The font is sleek and stylish, with the company name written in a cursive black font and the last part of the company name placed in a purple hue between two lines. Above the cursive letters is a woman’s side profile facing to the right, with her hair up. The face and hair are both outlined in black, and the slogan below is also in the same black outline. This logo design does an excellent job creating a visually appealing and memorable logo for the company.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative wongsanus

This design stands out for its bold black letters in a chunky font. A woman’s silhouette is featured inside the first ‘B’ in the company initials, adding a unique and artistic touch. The initials are the main focus of the design, with a black rectangle below them and the company slogan in white letters inside the rectangle. The design is black and white and stands out for its unique design. The big black letters and the creative silhouette of the woman give the design a modern and eye-catching look.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative fahmi hu 

This design features a black outlined rectangle as its base, with the company name displayed on the right side in a basic black font. Below the letters is the slogan, shown in vibrant purple. To the left of the letters is a black silhouette of a woman facing to the left. The white background completes the look, tying together the elements to create a classy and compelling design.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative farahlouaz

This design is an artistic representation of the company initials, using the silhouette of a woman inside of the ‘G.’ The ‘G’ and the shape are both displayed in black, while the other two letters are in purple. Underneath the initials, the company’s full name is written out in a cursive font, with the first word in black and the second in purple. A line is drawn below the first word of the company name, and the design is set against a plain white background.

Entry submitted by Hatchwise creative ekowahyu

This design shows the client what the design would look like in real life by providing a mock-up of the design on a circular board. The logo featured on the circle shows a design with the company name inside an inner circle in purple. The initials are in the center of the design, and inside the ‘G’ there is shown a silhouette of a woman’s facing that’s turning toward the right. The font is unique and stylish, completing the look and giving a classy and signature design. 

The Winning Result 

Winning entry submitted by Hatchwise creative gembelengan

After carefully reviewing all of the entries submitted by Hatchwise creatives, the client chose their winning design. This design, created by Hatchwise creative gembelengan, is featured above and consists of a circular shape with the company’s initials in the center. Inside the middle, ‘G’ is a recognizable silhouette, and the company name is featured inside the inner circle. The design incorporates black, white, and purple to create a compelling and signature look.

Congratulations to this Hatchwise creative and the client for receiving such an excellent design for their company! 

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