Featured Design Contest: Calhoun Family Signing Agents – Loan Signing Agency Logo

You know that a good logo is foundational in building a great brand. In fact, just about any brand is impossible to think about without its logo. But what if you’re not really interested in creating a full-blown brand? What if you just want a logo that lets people know you’re there? Something that will look good on a business card or letterhead so folks remember you?

There are plenty of businesses that aim to do just that. Rather than trying to delight customers with a memorable and creative brand, they want their service to speak for itself. Today’s featured design contest shows this principle at work. Hatchwise client MCCalhoun wanted a logo for a loan signing agency. It’s a simple, family-owned business that doesn’t require the bells and whistles of a complicated brand but could still use a well-crafted and memorable logo to promote its services.

In the client’s words, they wanted their logo “to portray trust and integrity…to create a logo that people will look at again.” They offered a $50 contest prize and received 32 entries


#3001713 by 3PULKILL

Professional, navy blue printed text in all caps has the company initials embellished with a grey quill feather pen. 


#3002263 by Adam

This design uses scripted letters to suggest that the ink has barely dried after the fountain pen worked its magic.


#3001766 by iosiconsdesign

Handwritten letters spell out the company initials, with a traditional font below. 


#3002579 by podelsky

A quill pen draws graceful lines inside a brush drawn circle, with the company name clearly written below in gold letters.


#3001753 by ecriesdiyantoe

This logo has a more corporate feel without sacrificing originality. The company initials are stylized into a geometric design in a blue and grey color scheme.


#3002532 by terbang

Here is another professional logo, this one even simpler than the one above. This crisp, clean design would look snazzy on a business card or letterhead.


#3003673 by ucupgookil50

We see a few different color options here with this design. Another simple but clever submission that would make a business card stand out from the rest.


#3003069 by SabunMantan

Whether it’s navy on white, or white on navy, this logo is clean and simple with just a bit of flourish with the feather pen.


#3003279 by stuckattwo

This design is classic, professional and simple, making it clear what service this company provides. 

And the winner is…

#3001738 by iosiconsdesign

After receiving 32 concepts for their new logo design, MPCalhoun chose this elegant image by iosiconsdesign. It communicates trust and integrity, and we think it’s a logo that people will want to look at again.

Or if you want to see the full design contest, or if you just love logos and can’t get enough of them, check out our community design gallery and browse through our full library or design contest entries.

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