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The Top Five Business Card Design Mistakes To Avoid

A business card is one of the most powerful marketing assets that a business can have. However, when it comes to business cards even the best of us will judge a business based solely upon what we see on the small piece of paper that we’re given from a company. Of course, you’ll want your business card to be unique and original, but you also don’t want to make the error of falling into the mistakes that many have before.

Whether you decide to design them yourself or hire a graphic designer, attempting to avoid these top five business card design mistakes can make a world of difference when it comes to your business cards.

Using Cheap Paper

In our day of the internet, nearly everything is digital. It’s sometimes difficult to remember that business cards aren’t digital; they’re physical which means that how they feel and the quality of paper that you use will speak for your brand. Even a business card with the best design can be ruined if it’s not on high-quality paper. It can be tempting, but it’s important that you don’t skimp when it comes to your business cards. The quality of paper, in many ways, will represent your company just as much as your design will. Trust us; people will respect and be far more willing to buy from a company that puts the effort in to use high-quality paper then they will one that doesn’t.

Using Small Text

You want to be kind to the people who are going to take the time to look at your business card. This means that using too tiny text, text that people will have to double glance at or squint to read, may not be the best idea. You want your text to stand out and, at the first glance, people should be able to see your company name.

As a general rule, you don’t want your text to be larger than 8pt. Of course, this may vary with each individual business card, but it’s always best to go on the larger side when it comes to text on a business card. You want your address to be in a smaller text, with your name slightly larger and your company name being the largest.

Not Specifying What You Do

If someone who knows absolutely nothing about your company looked at your business card for the first time, would they be able to identify what you do? If the answer to this question is no then you probably want to re-think your design. If people aren’t able to know what you do then you probably won’t be getting many clients.

If your name doesn’t directly specify what you do (i.e ‘Tom’s Pizzeria’) then you’ll want to include your logo, especially if it shows a hint of what you do. This will help people know what you do and increase the chances of them recommending your company to others.

Using Hard To Read Text

Thinking about going with a fancy font to make your business card stand out? That’s okay, just make sure it’s readable. Too many companies have made the common mistake of attempting to make their company look better and more professional by using a fancy, cursive font that nobody can read.
Even if it doesn’t make your company look better, simple is better. The last thing that you want is a potential customer having to squint to read the text and see the name of your company. The text should be a reasonable size and the font should be simple and clean.

Cluttering Your Business Card

Our final and, perhaps, one of the greatest mistakes you can make for your business card is not to clutter your business card. This isn’t your website; nobody needs to know your company’s history, your vision statement, and every employee’s name. It’s not necessary and honestly, nobody wants to see it.

Your business card should be short and only give the necessary information; contact info, company name, and your logo. Including too much print will only make your business card difficult to read, not professional, and just plain awful. Only include what’s necessary and
ensure that it looks clean and professional.

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