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The Difference Between Copywriting and Copyrighting

Pronounced the same but two entirely different meanings; copywriting and Copyrighting. If you don’t want to be one of the millions of others who mistake copywriting and it’s a homonym, copyright, you don’t want to skip this article. A quick read can show you not only the difference between the two but also a few tips on the best traits that you’ll find in an excellent copywriter. Let’s clear up the confusion for once and for all; what is copyright and what’s copywriting?

If you’re along with the rest of the world, then I’m sure you’ve had more then a few encounters where you’ve mistaken copywriting with its homonym, copyright. Unfortunately, this isn’t uncommon for the two to be mixed up and, when it comes to copywriters who know the difference very well, it’s frustrating when people aren’t aware of the difference.

Although copywriting and copyrighting are spelled similarly, I can promise you that they do not have the same meanings. They have different meanings, and after we dive into this article, we can assure you that you won’t be getting the two mixed up again anytime soon.

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to educate our readers about the difference and clear up the confusion for once and for all. It’s this article we’ll take a look at what copywriting is, what copywriting is, why copywriting matters, and what a great copywriter has.


Copywriting engages in a process where someone will write advertisements, articles, and marketing material for companies. They write copy for businesses that will then be used for marketing campaigns. In short, a copywriter is someone who writes advertising copy for companies.

What is sometimes confusing is that, back in the day, copywriting was merely done in-house. However, nowadays, copywriting has begun to be outsourced. In our day and age nearly everything has started to get outsourced and copywriting is no different. Freelancers across the country, ranging in all different ages, have begun to find work in the profession of copywriting. Freelancers now do the majority of copywriting.


Copyrighting is a legal action when the government grants a creator of an original piece the rights to what they created. This protects their right to the work and its distribution.

What’s The Importance Of Copywriting?

So, what’s the point of all this? Why does copywriting matter and why is it so crucial for your company? In our day and age, the internet makes up more than marketing plans. Everyone is on the internet and this means that nearly every company is using the internet to boost their marketing. Although images and graphics play a very crucial part in marketing, when it comes to copywriting, the text on marketing material can make a world
of difference.

However, when it comes to copywriting, it isn’t only marketing material that writers take care of. Copywriters have the task of building a relationship between the brand and the consumers, which is one of the essential parts of a company. Every brand strives to have a relationship with their customers, and, through the power of words, copywriters can
accomplish this.

So, the reason that copywriters are so incredibly important is that they enable your brand to build a real, authentic relationship with your customers. Anyone in the business world will tell you that having a relationship with your costumers is the key to having a successful business.

How To Spot A Good Copywriter

Just because you’re able to find a writer who can write an excellent essay doesn’t mean that you’ll have found a good copywriter. Copywriting, especially when it comes to creating advertisements for companies, need to have an extraordinary power with words. So, if you’re on a journey to find a copywriter who will be able to create excellent copy for your marketing strategy, you may be asking how to spot a genuinely great copywriter.

Here are a few of the top traits you should look for if you want to spot a good copywriter.

Grabbing attention. People see hundreds of ads daily. So what will make yours stand out and grab the attention of people? A good headline. Some good copy that pops out and pulls the person in. Ensure that the copywriter you hire can tell the story of your company, represent it well, and grab people’s attention through a carefully crafted copy.

Correct formatting. It’s one thing to be able to write a lot of words; it’s another to organize and format them in a way that will be easy to scan. An excellent copywriter will be able to display their words in an artistic way and break it up. A good writer will be able to break up paragraphs, use headers, italics, and bullet points, and display the words at it’s best.

Have an emotional tie with the user. A trick as old as time but still works for copywriters today. Copywriters will use happiness, sadness, anger, or strike a trigger in potential customers when they see the product. An excellent copywriter will create an emotional tie with the user and spark this emotion in them with a few words.

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