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How To Communicate With The Creatives Entering Your Hatchwise Contest

Whether you are a longtime user of Hatchwise, or you just started your very first contest you will have probably already noticed that it’s recommended that you leave feedback on submissions and communicate with the creatives entering your contest.

But what does that mean? How exactly can you contact the creatives, since you don’t have their email addresses? 

Easy ways to communicate with Hatchwise creatives

  • One of the easiest (and most private) ways to contact a creative is via the private messages in your account. To send a message to any individual creative you will need to go to your account, click on the “Messages” button, and select “Send new message”. To send your message to the creative put their username in the “Send to” section.
  • Another option to communicate with a creative is to leave a comment for them directly on the entry that they submitted to your contest. Please remember that this option (whether your contest is Blind or not), all the creatives can view your comment. 
  • If you would like to leave feedback for multiple creatives at the same time then it’s recommended that you leave a comment on your main contest page. The comment will be located at the bottom of the contest (under the submissions) where all the creatives will be able to see it. 

Leaving feedback and communicating with the creatives is an important part of Hachwise. Not only does it greatly improve your contest results, but it also is helpful in building relationships with the creatives (especially if you plan on working with them in the future, whether on Hatchwise or outside of it). 

*Please remember that unless a creative is awarded the winner of your contest it is in violation of Hatchwise’s policies to contact them via email. Doing so may result in your account being suspended. 

If you ever have an issue contacting a creative please contact support@hatchwise.com for assistance. 

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