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I Want To Share My Contest With My Team and Get Feedback From Them. How Do I Do That?

Holding a Hatchwise contest is an exciting event. And, as you see submissions entered in your contest, you may wish to get some feedback from other people on their thoughts about your contest entries. 

The good news is that you can easily share your contest entries with your friends, family, and co-workers in a couple of ways.

Share the contest. One way is to simply share the link to your contest, which you can do on social media, within an email, etc. However, please be aware that if your contest is Private the contest entries will not be viewable unless the person is signed up with Hatchwise as a creative. 

To share your contest you can grab to the contest URL and send it to whomever you wish to share the contest with. 

Create a poll. To create a poll of your contest entries you will need to log into your account, go to your active contests, click on the contest name, and click the “Share” tab, that is near the top of the contest entries.  You can then select “Create a poll” and choose the contest entries that you wish to share. Your viewers can then vote for their favorite submissions.

Create a generic username or password and share the login information. If you wish to share your contest entries, but have chosen to make the contest Private, then others will not be able to view your contest entries unless they are logged into your account. If you have a trusted team and wish to share your contest entries than we recommend that you create a generic username and password to share with them* in order to get feedback on the contest submissions. 

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Asking for thoughts about your Hatchwise contest submissions is a great way to get advice about your contest. If you need a second (or a third, or even fourth!) opinion, we recommend following one of the steps above and hearing from others what they think of your contest entries. 

*We do not store payment information in your account. The only information that is in your Hatchwise account will be the name, phone number, and address that you choose to list at the time of starting your contest.

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