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Can I Make Changes To My Contest Brief? And If So, How?

If you have started a Hatchwise contest than there is a chance that as you see designs coming in you will want to make some edits to your contest brief. 

At any time while your contest is active you can make edits to your contest brief or upload images for the creatives to use as a reference. 

To edit your contest brief

  1. Log into your account and go to “My active contests”.
  2. Click on the contest name and up near the top, next to where it says “Invoice”, it will say “Brief”. 
  3. Click where it says “Brief” and scroll to the bottom of the page to upload image files. 
  4. Click where it says “Brief” and then click “Edit Brief” to the right, to make any updates or changes to the contest brief. Hit “Save” before returning to the main contest page. 

If you wish to leave general feedback on the contest for all the creatives it is not necessary to update the contest brief. You can leave feedback by scrolling to the bottom of the main contest page and leaving a comment for all the creatives to read. 

If you don’t see the “Edit Brief” option please check to make sure that your contest submission period hasn’t ended. You can only make edits to the contest brief while the contest is active. 

Trouble adding image files? You can only upload images once the contest is active-if you are looking to upload them while filling in the contest brief (before launching the contest) you will not see the option. 

Curious about what makes a successful Hatchwise contest? Read more here. 

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