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How Do I Establish My Brand?

Ever wondered how to establish your brand? Having trouble getting started? Want to see a few of the top brands? Check out this article where we share it all! 

I’m sure most of our readers are already familiar with the importance of a brand; your brand is the very heart and soul of your company. A brand is critical for any company to succeed. After all, without a brand, you don’t have a company. However, the question is, with the thousands of companies and already unique, well-established brands out there, do you stand out. 

Standing out with your brand in a very competitive business world isn’t always the easiest. In fact, for the start-up just launching and a bit unsure of the next step, first starting with establishing your brand can be overwhelming and chaotic. All the articles on the internet seem to be useless and it seems that establishing a brand isn’t nearly as easy as you originally expected. 

Well, the good news is that establishing a brand isn’t nearly as complicated as it may seem at this minute. Once you have the basic concept, it’ll be easy to get started. You just need some core concepts, a few solid examples, and some hot tips to get started. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What Is A Brand? 

Although I’m sure that most of our readers have a solid understanding of what a brand is, for the benefit of those that don’t we’ll give a short definition. In short and without over-complicating it, your brand is your reputation. It’s how your customers perceive you. Brands are crucial for companies to succeed considering that it’s how customers and potential customers will be perceiving your company. 

A good brand is consistent. A good brand will be consistent in quality, experience, value, and image. The million-dollar question; how do you get a good brand? It doesn’t happen overnight. It doesn’t happen in a week or even months. The hard truth is that branding can take years. 

The branding that truly matters, the branding that is easily recognized by millions, is branding that has had years on the internet. This is branding that professionals have spent years working on. However, getting started with establishing your brand isn’t impossible. You just have to start with the right material. 

Examples Of Great Brands 


When you hear “Coca-Cola” what comes to mind? Is it the classic red logo with lettering? The unique bottle? The “Share A Coke” Campaign? Merely the color red? Regardless of what first pops into your mind, we know that Coca-Cola has done their job and done it well if you think of anything related to their brand. 

They’ve managed to create a brand that evokes images related to their brand in your mind once mentioned. They’ve created a strong brand that thousands of Americans around the world easily recognize. Even young children are familiar with the classic brand and their symbols. 

Burt’s Bees

You won’t see many beauty and personal care brands that decide to go the route of branding that Burt’s Bees has decided to take. Their original logo, featuring a bearded man, evokes feelings of simplicity that not many brands decide to go with. The brand has worked to create a brand that goes with their message of selling natural products. 

As their brand has developed more and grown, the brand has still attempted to go with a natural look. Burt’s Bees is a great example of a company that has created a brand that goes with their mission and shows customers what they do at first glance. 

In Conclusion 

Overall, establishing a brand isn’t as difficult as it may seem. Look at some of your favorite brands and learn from them. Do your research and have confidence. It may seem scary at first, but your brand will come naturally after a while. You just have to tackle the initial task of getting it started and from there it will get easier. Have faith and trust yourself!