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The Best Online Businesses To Start In 2020

There are many businesses which you can start in 2020 and beyond because of the amazing advantage the internet provides in lowering the playing field. If you’re thinking about starting an online business this year or next, stop thinking and start doing. The options for you are limitless and the timing has never been better.

The Covid-19 pandemic has sent many people into their homes and many of these people have decided to try their hand at creating and sustaining a business that will provide customers with a great quality product or service. Don’t procrastinate a moment longer if you’re tired to hoping and dreaming about starting a business.

If you’re unsure where to start and need help picking the right business to launch your internet company hopes, read ahead to learn about the six most exciting opportunities today for online entrepreneurs. There is no better time to start your business aspirations than right now.

Business today is moving faster than ever, giving more opportunities to more average Americans with more uncommon business ideas. Starting an online business has never been easier, as the internet has allowed people to create startups with minimal overhead and the power to communicate their ideas with customers all over the country, both out of their state and within their local community. 

2020 and 2021 are great years to start the online business you’ve always wanted, and there are many different types to choose from. If you’re wanting to start an amazing business which can improve people’s lives or provide them with quality goods or services, now is the time. Don’t wait, don’t procrastinate, read ahead to learn about the most successful and safe options you have for starting an online business today.

Monetize a Blog

This is a simple but effective form of online commerce today. Blogs have become increasingly popular over the last several months because people enjoy the intimacy and connection they establish with blogs and those who write them. Starting a blog, if you don’t have one already, is a simple and straightforward process which can be done in a matter of hours. 

There’s no limit or restrictions to the type of content you can use to create an engaging and interactive blog. Blogs are typically used to express opinions and create familiarity between writers and readers, but that’s not their only purpose. 

Many have begun to sell products from their blogs, using their established connection with readers to create a sense of trust and reputation. You can also sell ad space if you feel outright sponsoring products is too direct. No matter how you choose to utilize your blog, they’re really paying off for the more savvy entrepreneur today.

Become an Affiliate Marketer

Similar to using a blog for monetized purposes, affiliate marketers are those who earn a commission by the simple act of promoting some else’s product. There are two main categories of affiliate marketing you can choose to participate in if the concept appeals to you. First, there’s informational marketing. In this, you’ll promote other types of content, such as e-books, membership sites, and video series. 

This type of marketing is an incredibly low barrier to entry and there are very few risks associated with this type of affiliate marketing. Secondly, you can choose to align yourself with Amazon. There are millions of products on Amazon, and the site is always looking to partner with affiliates to promote their products and enhance the reputation and selling capabilities of their site.

Build Your Own E-Commerce Site

There is a surprisingly large wave of people setting up shop for themselves from the comfort of their home, and the process is often more beneficial than partnering with an established business. If you want to try your hand at affiliate marketing, for example, you’re competing with those who know the business inside and out and can focus on one niche to fill.

 With your own business, however, you’re largely competing against businessmen who may not have the necessary expertise in online marketing to compete with your site. There are many principles you can use to increase your SEO and bolster your online presence, and these steps can really only be competed with indirectly. If you take the right steps and know how to build up your presence, it’s something larger businesses can’t easily take away from you.

Self-Publish a Book on Amazon

This may be a narrower tip, but it’s currently working well for a plethora of authors on Amazon. By writing a book and publishing it yourself on Amazon, you can skep the more traditional but cumbersome steps related to publishing, including the fees and percentages publishing houses take. It’s a simple and quick process to publish your book on Amazon and quite a few authors have been seeing the benefits of taking this route. 

There are many guides online to help you with the publishing process, including the writing of your book and how you can use it to generate a consistent, steady stream of income. There’s an added bonus to promoting on Amazon, as well. If you manage to sell only a few hundred copies of your book in six- or seven-weeks’ time, Amazon will actually start to promote it for you. 

This process may seem difficult, but it’s surprisingly simple, though not always easy. There’s certainly no guarantee your book will become successful, but it is always one more option available to you thanks to the power of online marketing and digital word of mouth.

Begin a Career on YouTube

Social media and other platforms have allowed people to express themselves no matter where they are or what topic they’re discussing. Many social media platforms have become incredibly popular, and YouTube is one of the most popular of the bunch. YouTube allows creators to create and share videos to subscribers, who can sometimes total in the tens of millions. 

There are many, many, many types of videos on YouTube, from product reviews, to entertainment critiques, to political and scientific discourses made by those with a passion and knowledge for their subjects. Creating a YouTube channel will also help you in your marketing efforts for other avenues of business you may choose to take. For example, YouTubers consistently learn the value and processes of great storytelling and how it can be used to grow closer to an audience.

Become Knowledgeable in SEO Practices

Today, there’s rarely a more important component for businesses, both in real life and online, than maximizing their SEO capabilities. SEO, or search engine optimization, refers to the power and ability of a website to rank higher in search engine results. The companies with the best SEO will routinely rank high in Google search results, and, as a consequence, attract more customers from all corners of the internet.

Companies rank high in SEO by adhering to a few different principles and practices, such as crafting great keywords that their customer base is searching for and optimizing the design and navigational capabilities of their website. This may all seem complex – and SEO is certainly a field with a deep and multilayered knowledge base – but it’s not difficult to learn and master the techniques of SEO. 

There are many articles and blogs detailing exactly what it takes to great SEO, and if you can read, understand, and apply these, you’ll have the hang of it in no time. In addition to using SEO for your own online efforts, you can potentially offer your services to companies who may be lacking in correct SEO methods. There’s no end to your opportunities if you learn to use and master SEO.

Final Thoughts

2020 is your year. It’s the year for creating and sustaining an online business, no matter which type of business you choose. There are hundreds of more options not listed in this article for you to choose from, all valid and great choices if you have the passion and know-how to make them work for you. There’s never been a better time to start an online enterprise, so stop procrastinating and start building the online business of your dreams today.

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