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Using the Rapid Planning Method to be More Productive

 If you want to upgrade the way you manage your time and think about important tasks and goals, you should explore the Rapid Planning Method. Developed by life coach and motivational speaker Tony Robbins, the Rapid Planning Method, or RPM, is meant to transform the way you think about your daily goals and help you focus throughout your day. It’s as much a time management technique as it is a system and process to think about your productivity and the life you want to live every day. There are a plethora of reasons to use the Rapid Planning Method, but the most unique and helpful benefit is reportedly the enhanced ability to be productive and focused throughout your day. The RPM thought process is a great technique to help focus your thinking and bring perspective and peace to any life. Here’s a brief guide describing what this method is and how it can help you increase your productivity every day.

What is RPM?

Rapid Planning Method is a system of thought meant to motivate those who subscribe to it through a variety of different motivational thought processes and deep-thinking exercises. While Rapid Planning Method is the official title of the process, each of the letters in RPM can be broken down into new and unique ways of thinking about your goals and strategies for accomplishing what you want to every day of your life. 

Each letter represents a different but critical element of the thought process and each of them will ultimately help you achieve greater and more complex objectives. Here’s a breakdown of the three letters that make up RPM and how they can help you achieve more.


This is a simple and useful concept to start with. When you’re trying to accomplish a task, it’s best to break down the task and ask yourself exactly what you want out of the work you’re doing. There are many smaller objectives and sub-objectives you can accomplish on your way to accomplishing the larger task and these should be taken into consideration before you officially begin what you’re trying to accomplish. 

If you want to start a construction project of some sort, for example, you need to visualize what you want the completed project to look like and make a small list of features you want. If you want to accomplish a work-oriented task, try asking yourself what exactly you want to be done each day and try to meet those goals to the best of your abilities.


Once you’ve established what you’re doing and you know the individual goals you want to accomplish for each day or way you’re accomplishing it, you’ll next want to ask yourself why you want to accomplish the selected task. Some goals are necessities, such as working for a business or running essential errands, but there are plenty of life-improving activities you can participate in that aren’t essential to your daily life and lifestyle.

For example, you can join a sports league and play once or twice a week. If you were to do this, you should ask yourself what you’re trying to accomplish in doing so; are you trying to play competitively or just trying to have some fun on the weekends? Knowing why you do things helps you motivate yourself and represents the next step in accomplishing your goals.

Massive Action Plan

You know have the goals you’re trying to accomplish and why you want to accomplish them. Building your foundation with the what and the why of what you’re doing is a great start to build a more complete and thorough list of things you want to accomplish and will provide you with the motivation to accomplish them in a structured and productive manner. 

You should create what’s called a massive action plan. This entails writing down every goal you have and organizing it in a way that works best for you and the pace and complexity of your lifestyle. You should take the time to brainstorm a multitude of ideas and figure out the right way to turn them all into a reality. Keep in mind, this won’t happen all at once; you’ll need time and patience to accomplish, but with some persistence, it can be done.

Raise Productivity

You understand what RPM is and how it’s used to help you identify and achieve your goals like never before. However, there’s more to it than initially meets the idea. You can actually use RPM to achieve your goals in a productive and timely manner and improve the quality of your life by focusing on your desires and strategy to an extended degree. 

You can test out this process for yourself and see just how improved your results are in your normal, everyday life. There are several ways RPM helps people accomplish what they set their mind to, and here are a few of the most essential and important thought processes to keep in mind when using this technique.

Remember Your Purpose

Most people make the mistake of thinking that purpose only applies to what they truly care about or are already good at. This line of thinking can lead to an excess of “busy work” and a lack of focus throughout the day. The truth is, there is a purpose to everything you do, at all parts of the day. You should keep your purpose close to your heart and remember it throughout the day, even while you work on your so-called “busy work.” 

Instead of zoning out or resisting the work you do, try to make it meaningful and impactful in other parts of your life. For example, when you’re doing housework, don’t just think of it as mindless work; instead, think of the housework you’re doing as an essential way to make the house a better place to live for your children. Focusing on routine tasks will help you cut out downtime and stay focused throughout the day.

Expand Your Perspective

Focusing deeper on the tasks you do every day will begin to sharpen your mind and make your life more meaningful. When every task has meaning, your entire worldview and routine will change for the better, but it doesn’t have to stop there. You can begin to pursue your dreams at an increased clip and with renewed vigor. Many people give up on their dreams because the pace of accelerates and takes precedence, but this feeling of exhaustion and overwork can be mitigated with intense focus and a lack of brainless downtime. 

If you find purpose in your life, it will lead to a cascade of abstract dominos, which in turn will allow you to tune back into what you love. Look at your calendar and think of all of the activities and concrete goals you could accomplish in just a month’s time. If it helps, you can also think in terms of a year, or any period of time you feel comfortable with. Once you learn to focus and make every task matter, there’s no limit to what you can achieve.

Bringing It All Together

Using RPM, your mind should be focused, and your resolve should be more resolute than ever before. If you use this system for an extended period of time, for about a year and counting, you should start to feel incredibly motivated. 

This motivation can be acted upon by using past steps you’ve already learned and have mastered, such as bringing purpose to every action you take and organizing your goals in a meaningful and structured way. If you want to build something in your house, it’s possible with RPM. If you want to accomplish more at work, it’s possible. Anything you want to achieve is possible if you stay focused and remember your objectives and steps to accomplish the goals you set out to achieve.

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