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20 of the Best Businesses to Start

Hoping to branch out on your own and enjoy the entrepreneurial lifestyle?  There are many ways to make that dream happen.  You could take your expertise and market your services to a particular market.  Or learn a new trade to offer services that interest you.  Sometimes it is just about finding the right solution to answer the problems of others.  If you’re ready for the autonomy and freedom that comes with owning your own business, start compiling business ideas and choose the best one that works for your experience and skill.

20 of the best business to start

The entrepreneurial spirit does not live in everyone.  Some people like the normalcy and reliability of a full-time job working for a company for their lifetime.  But others need autonomy and the ability to express themselves creatively. People often moonlight with their special skills and keep their full-time jobs.

For those hoping to become a full or part-time entrepreneur, the technology available today makes it easy to start a business without a lot of overhead.  Starting a home business is possible if you are willing to dedicate the time and energy to make it work.  Here we share 20 of the best businesses for you to start.

  • Repair Service Provider

Are you good with tools? Always tinkering around when things stop working at home?  Do friends call you when they need that new bookshelf assembled?  Then maybe this is just the business for you! Check out the competition and the market climate, set your prices, get to marketing, and get your repair service off the ground with low startup costs.

  • Personal Fitness Consultant

Trainers help others get fit by helping them make better food choices and formulate workout plans to help them accomplish their goals.  This post-COVID world is a great time to offer in-home training, nutrition and workout routines, and boot camps.  Take to social media to get the word out, show prospects the tips you have to offer, and suggest recipes that are tasty and low calorie.

  • Freelance Graphic/Website Designer

If you have the eye and talent to create attractive websites and graphics, compile a portfolio and start marketing your services.  As a freelancer, you work only on the projects you choose, and you also work when you want to work. You can even start off working for companies that have platforms that businesses go to when they need graphic design services.

  • Life Coach

Life and career coaches help others pilot their lives or careers.  If you have a natural talent for motivating people, this may be the business for you.  

  • Resume Writer

Some people just have a knack for putting words together and successfully presenting someone on paper. If this sounds like you, resume and cover letter creation is a great business to start?  Make some sample resumes and offer free services to get your portfolio started.  

  • Freelance Writer

If you have a way with words, freelance writing could be a good option for you.  People are looking for talented writers to compose blog posts, articles, and website copy.  You will need a portfolio to show potential clients your work.  There are also freelance writing sites that list available projects.

  • E-Commerce Store Operator

Amazon shop owners are making it big with their shops.  If you’re making amazing art or know a great wholesaler that sources great products, this can be your chance to set up your virtual shop.

  • Videographer or Photographer

Great at taking winning shots or filming with finesse?  Assemble your equipment, head over to Instagram, and let people know you are ready for work. Get your portfolio or reel together show you can show why you are the perfect choice for them.

  • Car Detailer

Client’s love services that come to them. Get the needed equipment together, start to market your services, and make those cars shine!

  • Cleaning Service Provider

Homeowners and business owners alike need someone with great attention to detail and consistency to keep their environment tidy.  Start with advertising in your neighborhood social media pages and add clients as you feel comfortable.

  • Personal Chef

Personal chefs offer delicious meals for couples or help those trying to eat healthy by meal prepping for them.  You can do a little bit of everything or focus on a specialty like vegan or pescatarian meals.  

  • Massage Therapist

Massage therapists need certifications, so make sure that you take care of that first.  Then get your table and oils and market your on-the-go masseuse skills.

  • Craft Boss

If you craft specialty items like jewelry and custom t-shirts, start a shop on an e-commerce platform and offer your products.  Market them through social media and your company website.

  • Interior Designer or Decorator

In some states, you must be licensed to be an interior designer.  But interior decorating does not have this requirement.  If you do have the training and credentials to be an interior designer, it is easy to go out on your own. Both professionals need to establish relationships with vendors and market their services.  

Get a portfolio together and market your services on social media. Interior designers and decorators can partner with real estate agents and builders to stage homes they are hoping to sell.

  • Private Tutor

Talented pianist or grammar expert?  Use your expertise to tutor others who need your help.  Join a tutoring service online or market your services through neighborhood schools, colleges, and social media.

  • Consultant

When you have experience and are a leader in your industry, become a consultant to help businesses succeed in your chosen area.

  • Online or Brick and Mortar Boutique Owner

Have an eye for fashion and always on top of trends?  Start with a neighborhood boutique or for lower overhead start online marketing your services on social media.

  • Event Planner

Great at multi-tasking and creating exquisite events?  Take those skills and help others plan their weddings, family reunions, and company meetings.

  • Personal/Virtual Assistant

If you are detail-oriented, organized, and expert at getting the job done no matter what happens then virtual or personal assisting is the opportunity for you.  

  • Pet Service Provider

You will have to make sure you have the legal requirements taken care of before you open up shop when you start providing pet services. But if you have a passion for animals then walking, grooming, and training could be a lucrative business for you.

If you are ready to jump into the entrepreneurial world, do your research and start with a business that does not require a huge start-up cost or high overhead. Choose something that you find interesting and has the market to support growth.

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