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Graphic Design VS. Web Design

Enough of the confusion and mistakes; graphic design and web design are not identical. Sure, they have similarities and they fall into the same field, but that doesn’t mean that they’re identical. If you’ve ever been guilty of assuming that the two are the same then don’t worry.  The design community doesn’t hold it against you. Yet. If you skip reading this article which clearly states the difference between the two then they may not be as forgiving. Check out this article for the differences between them. 

Graphic design and web design fall under the same category, but that doesn’t mean that they’re the same. Although they have similarities, they also have differences that clearly have them stand out. If you’ve confused the two before, or even just wondered what each are, then we’re here to help out. 

We’ll go over what graphic design is, what web design is, and what the similarities and differences are. After this article, we can assure you that you’ll have a firm understanding of what each is and won’t have the awkward moment again of not knowing the difference. 

Graphic Design 

Graphic designers are much more than merely a job title. Graphic designers are artists who create with the use of images, graphs, graphics, and typography. Graphic designers are capable of working on both digital and print projects and have strong communication skills. Graphic design is a crucial part of our world. 

From flyers to t-shirts and billboards graphic design is everywhere. What qualities should graphic designers have? Well, graphic designers often have to combine forces with teams or other parts of a company to produce results. This means that they need to have strong communication skills and team player qualities. 

Graphic designers also have a variety of skills; they’re capable of creating a logo, and then turning around and designing a billboard for the next client. Sounds crazy, right? But it works for them and it’s one of their greatest qualities. They have a store of information and skills that they use to produce high-quality results for clients. 

Web Design 

Web designers are very similar to graphic designers. They also use graphs, images, graphics, and typography to visually convey something to others. However, when it comes to the main difference between the two it’s that web designers only have one concern; websites. They don’t deal with the print side of things. 

Web designers are hired for two tasks; to create stunning websites that load quickly and run well. This means that web designers have far more restrictions than graphic designers do. Their job is a bit more complex since they’re not only designing the site, they’re also programming it. 

Web designers need to have a great deal of knowledge about websites, programming, and designing to do their job. Web designers have to ensure that the website works, that it looks amazing, and that it will do its job correctly without errors. 

The Differences and Similarities 

Graphic designers and web designers are both professional artists who use their skills to help communicate messages in a visual form. Both graphic designers and web designers share some of the same interests and skillsets. They both use tools to visually convey a message through the power of illustration. Both have a strong desire and willingness to learn and will be open-minded and creative. 

The main difference between the two is that web designers are more specialized while graphic designers are diverse in a variety of different things. For instance, a graphic designer is capable of switching from creating a logo to an advertisement for two different brands. They’ll quickly adapt to the situation and they have to have knowledge in different areas of the field. 

Web designers on the other hand tend to only work in the web design-related area. They’ll work in areas ranging from landing pages to creating full websites. They ensure that a website both performs well and looks good for the client. However, web designers mustn’t be confused with web developers. While web designers may dabble or have some knowledge of coding and SEO, that isn’t where their specialty lies. That is often left up to the web developers. 

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