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How Copy and Design Work Together For Businesses

Take a moment to think about how your favorite brand interacts with you and sends you updates on what’s happening. Every brand is different and every brands messaging is different, with each brand communicating with their consumers differently. The way that businesses communicate with their customers is called their brand voice and it’s crucial when you take into account how your customer will perceive your business. 

Two elements that make up your brand voice and are the most important elements of it are your graphic designers and copywriters. These two people are what will dictate how your brand message comes across and the quality of it. Brand messaging is an important part of your company and is one that you should put time, thought, and money into. 

An Intro To Brand Copy 

Brand copy is what will convey the tone and personality of your brand to your audience. Think of it as similar to your brand logo, conveying the same idea and image to your audience. There are different types of copy needed for different tasks in your company (think advertising copy or direct response copy), although the other areas of copy will follow in the footsteps of your brand copy, they aren’t exactly your brand copy. 

Why Copy and Design Matter In Your Brand Voice 

Brand copy is one of the biggest parts of sending messages to your customers and letting them know what you want to say. You’ll often see excellent copy accompanied by equally good design. Copy without good design is basically useless, and the same goes vice versa. Good copy compliments good design and, when it comes to the branding world, they go hand in hand. 

These two elements explain one another with branding, and you’ll rarely find one without the other. When you head to a website, you’ll notice that it’s made up of two key elements; both graphic design and copy. These two elements make up branding for every company and convey what your company, what it does, and its branding. 

How To Get Your Graphic Designers and Copywriters On The Same Page 

Now there’s the issue of making sure that your team’s all on the same page with what they need to accomplish for your brand. After all, they’re two different teams doing two different jobs that are trying to come together to create one brand with the same personality. 

Communication Is Key

The first step to getting your entire team on the same page is to get them communicating with one another. Although with more people working remotely, it may not be possible for your copywriters and graphic designers to gather in the same room daily, they can use online resources to communicate with one another. Use resources like Slack and Zoom to keep your team communicating with one another. 

Have Your Team Know What The Design and Copy Are For 

It’s best if graphic designers are designing with the copy in mind and vice versa. Even if they aren’t able to look at the other’s work before creating their own, it’s important that they at least know what it’s for and are on the same page with what the other plans to do. Your graphic designers should be centering their designs around the copy provided, or the copywriters should be centering their work around the design provided. 

Make Sure They Have The Skills Needed 

You want only the most talented, creative, and skilled creatives on your team. Choose creatives with the skill sets required for the job and that is capable of working with others since they’ll be closely working with each other. Also, keep in mind that you want creatives who have experience taking on the projects that you’re requesting. Even if it takes longer, you want to wait you have the best options. 

Summing It Up 

Both copy and design play a crucial part in your brand and sharing your message with your audience. Copywriters and graphic designers work together to create high-quality content for the brand that they’re working for. Above you can learn about brand copy, why brand copy and design are important for your brand and how they can get along together. Learn how you can make sure your whole team, both graphic designers and graphic designers, are on the same page. 

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