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What Makes a Good Gaming Logo?

Good gaming logos are easy to come by; you can get them nearly anywhere. However, to make not only a good gaming logo but a truly great gaming logo, is a different story. Great gaming logos leave their mark on players and are what makes games stand out. They’re signature to games and as important as the game itself. To create a great gaming logo you need talent and knowledge. 

Here are our top tips on making a good gaming logo and the basics of creating a gaming logo. With this knowledge, you can get started with your gaming logo to know exactly what you need to create the best gaming logo yet. 

Why You Need A Logo

The logo is an essential part of marketing; it’s going to be the face of your business that draws people in. So you want to create a gaming logo that represents the game, which is what will set your game apart from other games and grab people’s attention. Your logo should tell something about your game and that people can relate to. With the right logo, you can build a brand that will be established with gamers around the globe. Of course, your game has to speak for itself but the logo is what will help to draw the players in. 


In branding, it’s important to choose the color of your logo wisely. Colors can add and evoke positive or negative emotion into your logo. For example, the color green can evoke powerful emotions; people have said that they feel peace and refreshment towards the color. 

But it also has negative traits as the wrong shade can bring up feelings of boredom or lack of life. Or red is a warm and inviting color and is often associated with passion and love, but has also brought up a feeling of anger and danger-bearing emotions. And so on with different colors. So it’s important to put thought and research into your choice of color palette for your gaming logo.

Choose Your Logo Style 

To make a good gaming logo you will have to choose the style that will suit your game best. There’s a variety of signature styles that clients can choose for their logo in the design world. With a gaming logo, you want to make sure that the style that you choose for your gaming logo fits the audience. 

If you have a youthful audience, you’ll want to choose a style that will draw them in and encourage them to play your game. The logo style is an important part of a gaming logo, which means that it’s essential that you choose one which will fit the game and the audience.

Be Unique 

You don’t want your gaming logo to be generic, right? You what it to be unique and to make sure it will have to have something that everyone else doesn’t have. It’s important to remember that, with millions of games in the world, yours has to stand out. The best way to do this is to have a logo that is specific to your game and your game only. Being unique, and having special characteristics that are specific to your game, will ensure that your logo stands out. 

In Conclusion

Creating a gaming logo doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive, just keep in mind your style, colors and make sure your logo is unique and original. With these simple tips, you can create the best gaming logo yet. Remember that some of the most iconic gaming logos are simple, you don’t need it to be complicated to be great. Getting started may seem daunting, but within no time you can create an amazing gaming logo!