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The Beginner’s Guide To Instagram For Business

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms to date; the platform is widely known and it’s rare to meet someone that doesn’t have an account on it. It’s also widely used by businesses for their marketing strategy; after all, if used right, the platform can be magic when it comes to building relationships with a company’s audience.

However, for the beginner and those of us that aren’t as knowledgeable when it comes to social media, Instagram isn’t the easiest to master. It takes a true expert to know every shortcut and how to truly succeed with the platform, but when it comes to the basics and getting those first hundred followers, we’ve got you covered.

Whether giving your marketing strategy a fresh update or completely new to the Instagram community, this beginner’s guide to Instagram for business will be game-changing for your company.

Be Creative

On Instagram you won’t just be competing with other businesses, you’re competing with everyone that uses the platform. That means you have millions of competitors and you have to give your audience a reason to follow you instead of the millions of profiles that are available.

That’s why your account has to stand out; this means showing your products or service in the most creatives way possible. It’s not enough to simply post the same images of your company; you’ll be lucky if you get over a couple of hundred followers and you’ll receive no interaction.

Luckily for you and all the other companies out there, Instagram allows multiple ways for businesses to show their products in a creative light. Through the use of Instagram Stories, Boomerangs, IGTV, and Instagram’s most recent addition, Reels, you can create some spectacular ways to show your company to your audience.

Show Behind The Scenes

Any marketing expert will be quick to tell you that, to succeed at any social media platform, especially when it comes to Instagram, it’s important that you’re authentic. If customers just want to see photos of your products, they’ll head to your website. You need your social media to be a place where your audience will have the opportunity to see the inside of your company.

This isn’t to say that you need to video record everything that happens in the office during workdays but give your followers a glimpse into your life and what happens behind the scenes at regular workday. Let your followers get to know the company’s employees, show them what the office space looks like. If possible, show them the process that goes into creating your products.

People love to see a new, fresh, and vulnerable side to a company; it shows that there are real people behind the products they receive. This can make all the difference when it comes to how your audience interacts with you.


You can never go wrong with collaborations on Instagram. A crucial part of building relationships on Instagram is to build them with other companies; of course, it’s important that you’re building relationships with your audience, but you’ll find that building relationships with other businesses on the platform can be strongly beneficial.

Collaborating with other companies, providing that it aligns with your company goals and mission, can be beneficial for everyone. Followers love a good collaboration; it offers new content and a chance to find another company that they may be interested in. The other company, providing you have a good following, will get some attention and new followers from it. And you’ll be showing that your a company that has relationships with other companies on the platform, giving your followers a mix of content and improving your feed. It’s a win all the way around.

High-Quality Images

Instagram is a visual platform; it is built entirely on people sharing photos or videos as a post. You want your profile to be as attractive as possible since this is what will depend greatly on whether or not people decide to follow you. Unless it’s of the highest quality, an image should never be posted.

This, unfortunately, tends to be a tip that is most often not taken seriously enough.

Companies will spend years trying to grow their followers without ever taking into account the visual aspect of their profile. It’s important to always remember that high-quality images are crucial to succeeding at Instagram for your business. Every image or video you share should have good lighting and match the rest of your feed.

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