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Some Of The Entries Disappeared From My Contest. Where Did They Go?

One of the best (and most exciting) parts of the Hatchwise process is once your contest is active and you start to see some unique, creative submissions come in. What happens when you notice that one (or more) of your contest entries have seemed to have “vanished” into thin air? 

If you notice that some of your entries are missing from your contest there are a few things that may have happened to them. 

The creative may have withdrawn their submission. If the contest submission period is over then the creatives are able to withdraw their entries from the contest. They may withdraw their submissions for a number of reasons; they desire to enter the submission in a different contest, they see that you may have given it a low rating and aren’t interested in the entry, or they don’t like their entry. Whatever the reason, the creatives are allowed to remove their submissions, if they wish to (only after the contest submission period has ended, and not while the contest is active).

Our system has flagged the entry and removed it. Contest entries can be reported for containing pre-existing work (clipart) or copying other designs (not being the creative’s own concept). The cases are then reviewed and resolved internally. If this is the case, all of the creative’s other submissions will have been removed from your contest as well to ensure that none of the entries contain clipart*.

You may have Eliminated the entries. If you don’t see the submission with the active entries you may have Eliminated it from the contest at some point. To see if you have Eliminated the entry you can go to the “Sort” option and select “Eliminated Designs”. 

Can I have the entry re-instated in the contest? 

If the creative has withdrawn their entry we can contact them to see if they are willing to have their entry re-submitted in the contest. 

If the entry has been flagged and removed we can look into it for you and see if it is possible to have the entry re-submitted back into your contest. 

If you have Eliminated the submission than yes, it is possible to add it back to the contest for you. 

If at any time you see that a submission is missing from your contest please feel free to contact our support team about it at support@hatchwise.com.  They will be more than happy to assist you and look into any missing or removed contest entries for you. 

*Please note. Here at Hatchwise, we have a strict no-clipart policy. We require our creatives to only submit 100% original work. Occasionally, one may (either on purpose or inadvertently) enter a contest with a design that contains pre-existing elements. As a result, we carefully screen for clipart and remove it, if found.

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