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Do I Get My Contest Winner’s Contact Info?

Congratulations! You have found a winning entry and awarded a winner of your contest. Now you are eagerly awaiting the delivery of your final files.

The big question is what happens now? Are you going to be able to communicate with the winning artist in the future?

The answer is yes. We actually encourage you to hire your winning creative outside of Hatchwise for future work that you may have, if they agree to it.

Once the winning creative uploads the final files for your winning entry you will receive an email notifying you that the final files are ready to download. That email includes the winning creative’s contact info, and you are welcome to contact them in the future with additional work that you may have.

Please note: Once the creative has uploaded your final files they are nor obligated or required to continue to work with you. However, most of the Hatchwise creatives are happy to work on additional projects outside of Hatchwise.

Helpful tips when working with a creative outside of Hatchwise:

● Be friendly.​
Don’t be shy! Say hello and introduce yourself to the creative. You are going to be starting a working relationship and want to get off on the right foot.

Don’t be vague.​ Be clear with what you are looking for and need done. This is important so that you avoid confusion or misunderstanding later on.

Ask politely. ​This goes without saying. Use your manners and be polite. You are looking to hire someone and they are not obligated to work for you. Remember to be nice.

Understand that there may be a language barrier.​ Many of the Hatchwise creatives are located worldwide, because of that, there may be a language barrier. If you are having trouble communicating with a creative don’t get frustrated. Just try simplifying your request.

Agree upon a fair price.​ You are hiring someone to complete a service for you and it’s important that both you and they agree on a fair price for those services. Make sure that you and the creative come to an agreement on a fair payment in exchange for whatever work they do for you.

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