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I Entered A Contest. What Happens Now?

“Welcome to Hatchwise, you can now begin entering contests!”

I’m sure that if you recently signed up for Hatchwise then you will recognize this welcome email. This is an exciting moment, you can now begin entering contests and have the opportunity to be awarded a contest winner! 

However, maybe you are wondering what happens next. After you create your logo, brochure, name suggestion, tagline, business card design, etc, and upload your submission to a contest, what’s next?  

What’s the next step? 

  • We encourage you to enter multiple contests. The best way is to start is with those ending soonest and make your way backward through the contests since once the contest submission period is over you will be unable to enter a new submission to the contest. 
  • Feedback. If your entry receives a rating or a comment you will be notified via email and can log into your account to view the feedback.
  • Revisions. If a client asks for changes or edits made to your submission it is up to your discretion to make the revisions. Hatchwise does not require you to make edits to your contest entries, however, it is recommended since you may be awarded the contest winner as a result, should the client select your entry. 
  • Removing submissions. Perhaps you would like to remove one of your entries from a contest? You can remove your contest entries once the contest has ended, or the submission period is over. 
  • Communicating with a client. If you wish to communicate with a client you can either leave a message on one of your contest entries, or you can private message the client. 
  • Awarded the contest winner. If you are awarded the contest winner you will be notified via email and have 48 hours to prepare the final files and upload them to Hatchwise. 
  • Your design is copied. If you believe that another creative is copying your original concept feel free to click on the entry and report it. The case will be sent to Design Court where it will be looked into and resolved internally. 
  • Your entries are removed from a contest. If you see that your entries are removed from a contest it may be for a couple of reasons. One, the client may have not been interested in your submission and Eliminated it from the contest. Two, the design may have been reported for being too similar to someone else’s design. In that case, you will be notified via email that it was removed. 

If you have any additional questions about how entering contests works please contact support@hatchwise.com at any time!

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