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Are You An Entrepreneur? Signs That You Might Be

Imagine yourself waking up, strolling into the kitchen to make your first pot of coffee, wearing your pajamas, maybe even stepping outside to watch the sunrise. Take that a step further, and imagine the day begins on your own terms. You are the boss.

If you can see it, you can be it. Entrepreneurs are on the rise, and not solely in the small business market. Becoming a freelancer or remote worker involves showing up, being accountable, and doing the work. Diligence and honesty are two core factors that make an entrepreneur successful.

No longer considered a side business, entrepreneurial work or the gig economy is a thriving market. You set your hours, you set your rates, you schedule your own time to meet with clients and other businesses. It’s not for the faint of heart. Being an entrepreneur relies solely on your networking abilities and who you know, and how you can efficiently manage your responsibilities.

Let’s take a peek at what constitutes an entrepreneur and whether or not you have the confidence it takes to steer your own ship. If you’re thinking about taking the plunge into starting your own business, or you already check off the boxes of being involved in the gig economy with your confident personality, following are 9 signs you’re already there.

You’re an introvert

Most entrepreneurs have a sense of being more productive when working solo and in their own space and time frame. Getting out of their bubble requires showering and feeling somewhat socially connected. If that’s a chore and tough to handle, consider yourself an introvert.

You prefer to set your own schedule

Being at work at eight a.m. and not leaving until five p.m. with a 30-minute lunch break, and maybe two 10 minute breaks thrown in for good measure aren’t exactly your cup of tea. Just when you think you are on a roll with inspiration and productivity, and you’ve already played outside and taken hour-long breaks, and had lunch somewhere that’s cozy and comfortable, you can work into the wee hours of the night. Not having someone looking over your shoulder and micro-managing your time is the epitome of the gig economy. Go have fun, get that imagination fired up, then work when you have a deadline and it’s more in alignment with your internal clock. 

Dogs rule your life

If you’re not into leaving your dog home all day or taking him to a doggie daycare where he might pick up the dreaded kennel cough, or your employer doesn’t allow dogs at work, stay at home with them and let them be your muse. You’re an entrepreneur now.

Pick and choose your workload

As an entrepreneur and boss, you have the ability to choose your projects, decide which clients you want to work with, and know how often you need to work based on your bottom line. If you need more rent money, or income for that special shiny something that makes you feel good, you’ll have to take on more work. It’s your choice.

Creativity rules your brain

Entrepreneurs have a special skill-set unlike other employees in the workplace. You thrive on conjuring up new ideas and going with it. You jot down notes during odd times. Your greatest thoughts happen when you’re in the shower. Everything that swirls around your brain is a passionate creative force to be reckoned with on a daily basis. 

Peace and Quiet

As an entrepreneur, you crave serenity in your surroundings. In fact, you demand it. You can’t stand to be in a cubicle under fluorescent lighting with loud noises of other employees shouting over their desks about topics that are mundane. Your whole being needs a peaceful environment to allow your talent to flow and grow.

You Eat at Weird Hours and You Eat On-the-Go

Because you’re the boss and because you care more about building your business, what nourishes your body has more to do with your contact list than what foods you eat. Granted, you might love to cook, but you also might snack at odd hours and eat strange things that satisfy your tastebuds and keep your creative engines running, versus going to traditional eateries that leave you feeling bloated and sleepy.

Prepare to Be Rejected

As humbling as it is, being rejected is part of entrepreneurship. It’s not pleasant, it comes with the territory, and it’s a sign you’re doing okay by not giving up.

Your Desk Resembles An Apocalypse

Papers everywhere, sticky notes, old coffee cups, eyedrop solutions, pens, calendars, scratch pads, you name it. Entrepreneurs upping the ante in the gig economy have desks that aren’t organized, yet you know where everything is and why it’s there. 

As an entrepreneur, making your own hours, and setting up your preferred shop, remember that distractions are also part of the big picture. They are healthy, they keep your engines running, and without distractions, you’ll become a boring robot.

Are you ready to take aim and begin your own personal revolution? Entrepreneurs can be rebellious, a black sheep of the family, some of the kindest people you’ll ever meet, and one’s who answer to no one but themselves. 

Go for it! 

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