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Entrepreneurship- Creating Your Brand Message

Humans have the unique capability of connection. They can be inexplicably caught up in memories spurned from the scent of bread baking, a song playing on the radio, or even a conversation. One simple thing appealing to their senses can create a connection based on memories, experiences, and even values.

Essentially, this is how a brand identity works with businesses. The business will develop certain unique and identifying characteristics that make up their personality, story, and culture. These components appeal to the target market and help to draw in leads.

Often consumers will be introduced to a business and its’ identifying brand features without becoming a customer. Successful branding works by creating aspects that consumers remember and which help them to bring the business to mind whenever they are exposed to those elements.

People who are consistently exposed to a brand that they connect with are likely to eventually become a customer. That is why it is essential to craft unique brand elements that will reach your target market.

Many marketers and entrepreneurs focus on aesthetic aspects of branding more than any other. They choose fonts, colors, and logos and spend their time and effort printing, sharing, and spreading.

It turns out though, that one of the most important elements of branding is actually the brand message. The brand message really creates a cohesive foundation for your brand, sharing your values and crafting a vision that is authentic and touches the heart of your target market.

The Brand Message

When you craft your brand message, you are basically writing your brand’s story and sharing your heart and your values. This is the actual written message that you will share with your audience in order to capture their attention.

Today’s consumers value authenticity and genuineness above all else. They want to make a difference and are looking for brands that they can connect with and share values with. Your brand message is the opportunity for you to shout high and low that you are a business that matters and why. It provides you with the chance to show people why they should become your customer and what that will mean for them.

Consumers want to partner with a business that they believe in. Your brand message is the tool for showing them that they can, and should, believe in you.

How to Craft Your Brand Message

You want your brand message to be something that sounds real. You want it to differentiate you from other businesses. You want it to create awe and excitement in your target market as they consider becoming your customer. There are a number of elements for crafting your perfect brand message.

● Your Mission

You will want to determine your mission. Your mission will basically be your reason, your why. Think about why your business exists. What was the purpose you created this business with? What are you attempting to do? What is your passion behind it all?

It won’t be easy to write your message without really understanding the reason you have a business at all. So take some time to figure it out and you’ll have the very beginning of your message.

● Your Vision

Many people think that the vision and the mission are the same thing, but they are actually quite different. While your mission provides the reason for being, your vision provides the answer to where you’re headed.

Your vision will encompass your future. It’s the path with your goal in mind. Where are you headed? What are you working towards? What do you want to create in the world? What problem is your business solving? What does the world look like once you’ve solved it?

When people get involved with a business, they want to know that the business is headed in a direction they approve of. Even better if it’s a direction that they want to head themselves. A cohesive vision between business and consumer is an incredible source of connection that helps to ensure your target market will buy.

● Your Values

Every business needs values. These are the little elements that make up your mission and your vision. Without your values, you probably wouldn’t even have a mission or a vision.

Your values end up being boundaries of sorts that keep your business headed on the right path. When an opportunity arises that lies outside of your values, you will move on.

Consumers appreciate knowing the values of businesses that they support. By knowing their values they are able to ensure that the values align with their own. Including your values in your brand message gives your audience a sense of what matters to you and whether it is something that matters to them as well.

● Differentiation

Another component of your brand message needs to be the ways that you stand out from other businesses in your industry. Figure out what makes you different, and in fact, what makes you the best decision.

When you write your brand message, you will want to include some aspects that show how you stand out from others and why you are the expert. Differentiating yourself is important, especially if your business is in a saturated industry.

You need your target market to see that you are the right choice over the other similar businesses. Without a brand message that sets you apart, you won’t look much different than anyone else.

● Your Voice

When writing your brand message, you will need to craft your unique voice. Your voice is an element that is really going to set the tone for your brand. It might be authoritative, humorous, classic, whimsical, intriguing, or simply professional. Whatever you choose, you will use words, phrases, and a writing technique that demonstrates your voice quality in your brand message.

Write your brand message with your target market in mind. Consider their mission, vision, values, as well as the voice that they will best respond to. Your message is your best opportunity to set your business apart and truly show your audience who you are.

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