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I Want Revisions Made Before Awarding The Contest Winner. How Does That Work?

Your contest is nearing the end and you’ve seen some great designs come in. However, maybe there are still a few changes that you need to get your awarding-winning design just right. 

What should you do? Do you award the contest winner and leave a note when you do so, asking for the revisions? 

Or, do you ask the creative to make the edits and then award them the contest winner? 

First of all, it’s important to note that while most of the creatives are happy to make edits to their submissions they are not required to. If you find that a creative is not willing to make multiple changes to a submission feel free to discontinue working with them and move on to another design that you like. 

Second of all, please ensure that your contest submission period is not over. If it is, then the creatives are no longer able to upload entries to your contest. If you would like to continue to see new designs come in and have revisions made you will need to add the extension upgrade to your contest. Otherwise, you are welcome to award a contest winner at any time. 

What happens if a creative doesn’t respond? 

What happens if you leave a request for an edit on a design and don’t get a response from the creative? You can click on the creative’s username and see when they were last active on the site. In some cases, the creative may no longer be participating on Hatchwise and may have not logged into their account for some time. 

If the changes that you want to be made are minor, such as a change to the font or color (or a tagline added or removed) you can simply award the contest winner and ask for those changes to be made prior to the final files being uploaded to your account. 

We recommend that all other edits are made prior to awarding the contest winner, since the entry that you award the winner is the one that you will receive the final artwork for. 

As always, if you have any questions about the award process or concerns about changes being made to a design, feel free to refer to our F.A.Q page, or contact one of our customer support team members at

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