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Help! I’m a Hatchwise Creative And I Can’t Log Into My Account!

We understand that one of the most frustrating things is trying to successfully log into your account and failing.  

If you are a Hatchwise creative and are having trouble logging into your account then you’ve come to the right place! 

The first (and most important!) thing to remember is, don’t get discouraged! We will make sure that you are able to access your account again. 

Let’s get started

  • The first step is to go to https://www.hatchwise.com/ and click the “Login” button. 
  • The next step will be putting in your username and password (please make sure that there isn’t a space in front of either one). 
  • Click the “Log me in” button. 

Login isn’t working

Now, depending on what you put in the login field and what your account status is you may see one of the following:

  • If it says the the “Username is incorrect” check to make sure that you are using your username and not your email address. If you are using your username and it still isn’t working please hit the “can’t remember it?” option and request that your username is sent to your email address. 

  • If it says that your password is incorrect please try again. If that still doesn’t work then hit the “Can’t remember it?” option and request that a password reset link is sent to your email address. 

Remember, when clicking either the “Can’t remember it?” option (for either the username or the password) you will need to select that you are a creative having trouble logging in. 

Please note. All emails are sent to the email address that is connected with your Hatchwise account. If you don’t see the email/s in your Inbox please check your Spam folder. 

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