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The History Of The MrBeast Logo

Mr Beast wearing logo shirt
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If an image of famous American YouTube blogger and entrepreneur Jimmy Donaldson doesn’t instantly spring to mind when you hear the words ‘MrBeast’ then the iconic blue, pink and black logo may be the image that appears in the front of your mind. Jimmy Donaldson has made quite the name for himself, most widely known for his “donate” video and other projects that have earned him a great amount of fame. Donaldson was born in Kansas in 1998 and started out posting the online videos that have made him famous today at the young age of 13. 

Since MrBeast first started his journey in 2012 at the age of 13, it’s fair to assume that there’s not a deeper meaning behind the name. By the time that he had gone viral in 2017 and was older, he opted to keep the name and it’s still used today. In all areas, he’s represented by this name, both with how he’s known in the world and his profile picture that displays his logo. This logo, the iconic blue tiger’s head that’s familiar to fans of the American Youtuber blogger, has become an important part of his channel. 

Although this may not have been what directly created his fame and the popularity surrounding his videos, we know that the logo has certainly contributed to creating a strong personality and looks that reflect the videos the entrepreneur makes. Let’s take a look at how this logo came around, as well as looking at the history behind the YouTube star that’s made quite the stir within the industry. 

The History Of The MrBeast Logo

2012-2018 Mr Beast Logo
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The First Logo: 2012 – 2018 

The first logo was similar to today’s logo in the way that it used a tiger for the visual identity and the familiar blue shade for the color choices. It showed a tiger’s profile in blue and white. The accents on the tiger were executed in black while the nose and tongue were shown in a peach color. The tiger was looking left and was placed on a striped background. 

The first logo stayed with the YouTube superstar for around six years before it was time for a redesign.

Redesigned 2018 Mr Beast Logo
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The Redesign: 2018

Although the logo needed a refresh it wasn’t necessary to completely ditch the original idea that had started to become associated with the YouTube channel. 2018 brought a new and modern touch to the design, with fine lines and bolder color choices. 

It brought a refreshed color palette to the visual identity while modifying contours, giving the tiger modern and sleek lines. Black was completely removed from the logo when it was redesigned, instead opting to use a dark blue where the black had been previously. Although these were large changes, the main colors remained the same for the logo and the iconic logo stayed with the visual identity. 

Current Mr Beast Logo (2018-present)
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The Logo Today: 2018 – Present 

Present Mr Beast Logo
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The second logo didn’t even last a year with the YouTube star before they decided that it was time for a larger change. In June 2018, merely months after the previous logo had first debuted, the YouTube channel launched another logo and this one had quite a few drastic changes. The most noticeable, as well as the biggest change made to the logo, was the change in the animal used for the logo. Now the channel that went under the name MrBeast used a panther instead of a tiger for the logo. 

The panther was switched so that it was now facing right instead of left and now the vertical striped background was replaced with diagonal lines that were all different widths. There were five blue and four white shown on the background. This time the lines mimicked those of a wild cat’s claws that had marked their territory, the edges of the lines torn in different directions. 

Mr Beast Logo Lightning Background
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In addition to the changes, the designers also opted to include a red lightning bolt that was shown in the corner of the animal’s eye. This makes the animal appear rougher and also gives it more character. To make the animal appear even more vicious than it had previously, now the fangs of the panther were also longer and sharper than the tigers had been in the versions before. The mouth is open and it appears that the panther has a snare on its face. 

We also notice in this version that the style of the logo has changed. The logo now appears more cartoonish than it had in the previous versions and now has more character and energy to the symbol. By changing the animal, using more vibrant colors and including the pink lightning bolt on the panther, the logo had more definition and signature attributes to it. This logo is the one that we see used for the YouTube channel today and reflects the name of it. 

What Makes The Logo Different 

Mr Beast Logo Design
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One glance and you can easily tell that this logo isn’t the same as the many others that we’re familiar with. The logo has certain elements that make it stands out, having helped to create a visual identity that not only serves its purpose but also makes it personable to the YouTube channel. It’s only fair to wonder what these elements are that have made this logo different from others. Without these signature elements included in the logo, it wouldn’t be as iconic or as successful as it is today. 

It’s Modest 

Simple logos are where it’s at and there’s a good reason why. When you use a minimalistic logo without including too many elements or complicating it too much, it catches people’s attention. It grabs their eye and leaves an imprint in their brain, even if they’ve only glimpsed it for a second. By using fewer design elements it evokes a personality in the logo. Not only do people instantly recognize it but they also have it stored in their memory right away. 

It’s Versatile 

Mr Beast Logo over Fast Food Image
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In our age, there are several ways that you can use a logo and it’s important that a logo can be used on multiple channels. Between digital and in print, there are various opportunities for a logo to be used and in some cases, it will have to be used. That’s why it’s critical that a good logo is versatile and can be used on all platforms and media. The MrBeast logo is exactly that, allowing it to be used on multiple advertising mediums. This is largely due to the simplistic and modern layout that allows it to be scaled to multiple sizes and used in multiple different areas.

It’s Unique 

Simply put, you won’t find another logo like this one. Due to the different elements and the signature attributes that the logo has MrBeast has guaranteed that you’ll have to search hard before you find a logo that’s close in resemblance to the one that displays the YouTube channel. This is especially important for the YouTube channel since they wanted to ensure that the logo stood out from the competition. The custom design is what made sure that the brand was different and that it stood out from the others that are on the platform. 

Design Elements Of The Logo 

Mr Beast Burger
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The Colors Used 

The most striking and largest design element of the logo is the colors that are used in the design. The logo uses vibrant and bright colors that have been consistent with the visual identity since the first logo. The colors play a key part both in grabbing people’s attention when they see it and making sure that it leaves an impression on them. The colors are critical when it comes to giving the logo personality and a strong character. 

When we break down the colors that are used in the logo and the strongest ones that appear, blue is the most significant color in the logo. It’s the dominant color of the MrBeast visual identity and by far the strongest that we see used. The blue color was used in the first logo and stayed consistent with the visual identity from the start. 

As with many logos, we see a great amount of white used in the MrBeast visual identity. White is shown consistently in all the colors, even the redesigns. This is a powerful color and makes the logo appear cleaner and more modern. It makes the logo appear more straightforward and helps to balance out the other, stronger colors that are shown. 

There’s also a light red color that we see used in the MrBeast logo that makes it stand out. Red was shown in all the versions of the logo, in the first two marking the tongue and nose of the tiger. In the current logo, the color is used for both the tongue of the panther and the lightning bolt that is shown on its face. It made the animal seem stronger and also added the bold touch of color that stood out. 

Lastly, the color that we associate with the logo is black. This is a color that’s used in an abundance of logos and there’s a good reason why. Black is used both for the wordmark and for the outline of the panther. It adds more personality to the logo and makes it bold, standing out in contrast to the red and black used in the logo. 

History Of MrBeast 

Mr Beast Smiling
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Mr. Beast Squid Game
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Jimmy Donaldson was born on May 7, 1998, and is today recognized as an American YouTube superstar, an entrepreneur, and a philanthropist. He was born in Kansas and was later given a Christian upbringing in North Carolina. Jimmy’s YouTube vlogging career started in 2012 when he was just 13 years old. Jimmy didn’t meet immediate success, but once he did he was quick to grab ahold of it. 

He kept producing content and in 2019 he won the Streamy Awards for Breakout Creator. A year later in 2020 and he received the 12th Annual Shorty Awards as well as other recognitions. The star has become more popular within time and is now, as of 2021, worth $8 million. Through his platform Jimmy Donaldson has risen to new heights and become widely successful as a YouTube star


What Made MrBeast Go Viral 

Image sourced here 

What was the video that made MrBeast go viral? In 2017 he created a “counting to 100,000” video which ultimately made him go viral. The video received tens of thousands of views in a short period and MrBeast was quick to seize the opportunity to grab the viewer’s attention. He kept creating content for those that were interested in seeing more videos. His content has continued to become more popular as he’s continued to post videos. 

Since that viral video, his style has changed quite a bit, now including donation and challenge videos. Since then he’s hired a team made of his childhood friends, the team at a total of 30 people in 2020. He now runs several YouTube channels and has 153 million subscribers on YouTube. This has made him the seventh most subscribed channel on the platform. 

Summing Up The History Of The MrBeast Logo 

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There’s no denying that YouTube has become one of the largest social media platforms. It’s affected many lives and provided countless hours of entertainment to viewers on the platform. For Jimmy Donaldson, YouTube gave him a platform to build a successful career and become a millionaire in a short period. But the platform didn’t only provide him with wealth, it also gave him fame. 

YouTube was responsible for giving Jimmy Donaldson the platform that he needed to create a brand for himself and a career that would make him as popular as he is today. We know that, although YouTube may have provided him with the platform, the iconic logo is what helped to further MrBeast along. The logo is one of a kind and has had only three redesigns in its time, all consistent since the beginning. The same colors have been used and although the animal may have changed to a panther, the overall concept has stayed the same. 

MrBeast was only thirteen years old when he first started uploading content, then under the name MrBeast6000. He’s come a long way since the first content that he uploaded, going as far as to quit college so that he could work full time on the platform. Turns out that this was a smart decision since he now has 153 million subscribers on his platform. MrBeast continues to grow from where he first started and the signature logo that accompanies his channel. 

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