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History of the Jack Daniels Logo and The History of the Business

Known as the oldest and one of the best distilleries in the U.S, Jack Daniels has one of the most iconic and recognizable logos globally. So, why not go through the entertaining history and meaning of the logo and the business behind it?

The legendary Jack Daniels was founded in the middle of the 19th century by Jasper Newton Daniel, a young boy from Tennessee, United States. Nicknamed Jack, Jasper Newton learned the art of whiskey-making from Dan Call (a priest) and Nathan Green, his African American slave.

Today, Jack Daniels is the best-selling American liquor worldwide. It has inspired the development of more top-selling distilleries in Tennessee, U.S, including Prichard’s distillery, Pennington Distilling firm, etc.

Jack Daniel features a black and white label that appears on everything the firm owns. Black works as the trademark’s frame color. To some individuals, the color black was used to honor Jack, who died in 1911.

The logo had an oval shape, with the brand’s name legibly featured on the top. The famous ‘Old No. 7’ label sits in the middle of the emblem, making the logo classic, unique, and adorable. The black and white persona in the logo represents elegance and hygiene.

Evolution of the Jack Daniels Logo

Although it’s hard to trace Jack Daniels’ first logo, it hasn’t changed much over time. The emblem features a square shape representing its bottle and an oval figure with a coiled strand around it. Inside the oval shape is the famous catchphrase – Old No. 7.

The brand’s name – jack Daniels – is inscribed on top of the logo in upper case letters. Below it was the words ‘Old Time’ that are no longer used in the newest emblem version.

Here is the evolution of the Jack Daniel logo since the 1950s:

Image address

The 1950s – 1990s

This logo reflects the historical and cultural heritage of Jack Daniels. The name Jack Daniels is written at the top of the logo and has an arch shape. Below the name is the phrase ‘Old Time’, followed by an oval shape surrounded by a spiral pattern. Inside the oval is the inscription ‘Old No. 7 Brand’ divided into lines and complemented by two small dots on each side.

The logo has information about the manufacturer, including the product type, owner’s name, place of manufacture, year of distillery’s foundation, etc. different fonts are used for the different inscriptions, with serifs being the most common.

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The 1990s – 2011

The Jack Daniels logo received a slight change between the 1990s to 2011. The phrase Jack Daniels was increased while ‘Old Time’ was reduced to highlight the brand visually. The oval feature became compact, affecting the size of the phrase ‘Old No. 7 Brand’. The information at the bottom of the logo was also rearranged.

2011 – now

The final redesign of Jack Daniel’s emblem touched its labels and shape. They removed the clutter of words, arguing that the text distracted attention from the main thing. The phrase ‘Old Time’ was removed, and the two dots inside the oval disappeared. What’s more, the emphasis shifted to ‘No. 7’ in the phrase ‘Old No. 7 Brand’

What Font is Jack Daniels Using?

The Jack Daniels emblem features several custom fonts. The company’s name is written in capital letters, and it closely resembles the phrase Black No. 7. ‘Whiskey’ is also written in caps and features a different typeface. The word ‘Tennessee’ – the distillery’s origin – is written using a handwriting font that closely resembles the Lynchburg script.

Why Does Jack Daniels Logo Work?

Jack Daniels has one of the most iconic and compelling logos globally. It’s simple, legible, unique, consistent, etc. It works perfectly to market the brand.

Here are reasons why the Jack Daniels Logo works:

a.    The Logo Is Simple:

Jack Daniels’ black and white emblem is simple – making it memorable and unique. It has relatively fewer elements, including texts and icons. This may explain why most people connect quickly with the brand.

b.     The Logo Is Legible:

For 99% of logo designs, legibility is so vital. The brand’s name should be read easily and quickly so that clients can tell who the firm is and how it can benefit them. So, it should be legible whether you’ll be sharing your logo via small or big screens. Jack Daniels logo creator understood the assignment when it came to creating a legible logo. It has a clean and bold inscription that can be read from afar.

c.     The Logo Is Unique:

In a world fueled by competition, it’s vital to have a unique logo that stands out from the rest. Again, the creator of Jack Daniels’ logo made a unique emblem that tells their story accurately. The logo has unique elements that make it for consumers to differentiate it from competitors.

d.     The Logo Is Versatile:

The logo isn’t complicated and is scalable across multiple platforms by versatility. Even when shared or printed across different platforms, Jack Daniels’ logo maintains uniqueness. It features Black and White colors, making it legible whether printed with or without colors.

e.     The Logo Is Consistent:

The Jack Daniels logo is consistent; it has had the same designs and colors since the 1950s. And the company has won many hearts by maintaining consistency in the trademark. In turn, this has increased the number of their loyal customers.

Jack Daniels Logo Design Elements

The creator(s) of Jack Daniels’ emblem did a superb job creating the artwork. They choose the perfect colors, shapes, and other graphic elements for the logo, complementing the brand.

Let’s look at the various graphic elements that make Jack Daniels the king of distilleries:

 I.         Jack Daniel Logo Shape and Symbol

Jack Daniels logo has a unique bottle-like shape and cork that makes it stand out among competitors. Let’s take a deeper dive into these elements:

A Crown Cork:

The famous logo features an oval shape with a filament around it – it resembles a brown-up crown cork or cap. The cork stands for preservation and protection as a closure for the bottle. The cap also symbolizes royalty, power, and immortality.

A Unique Bottle:

The creator(s) of the Jack Daniels logo gave it a unique persona by drawing it from the bottle’s neck to the base. The logo resembles the firm’s custom bottle, which is square. And although most bottles were circular, Jack preferred a square-shaped bottle that’s easy to handle, preserve, and distribute.  

   II.         Jack Daniels Logo Colors

Color choice in a logo is vital as it helps you connect with consumers on a deeper psychological level. Jack Daniels features two main colors – black and white – representing the brand and its products.

The Black Color:

Primarily, black is the emblem’s frame color. However, some people believe that the color honors Jack, who died in 1911 – and which was the same year the firm launched its black and white emblem. Black symbolizes wealth, elegance, and authority.

The White Color:

The color white dominates the Jack Daniels logo, with black color appearing on the frame only. White symbolizes purity, simplicity, and hygiene. The hue of heaven represents safety, loyalty and purity.

Why Number 7 on Jack Daniels Label?

Whether you’re a whiskey lover or liquor connoisseur, I’m sure you’ve seen it, too: the famous ‘Old No. 7 Brand’ inscription on Jack Daniels products. So, what does it represent?

Also called the Black Label, the iconic Old No. 7 phrase is Jack Daniels’ original label. It was the district tax identifiable number given to Jack Daniels as a whiskey distiller. The brand was later assigned the number 16 after modifying the district.  

Jack decided to keep the ‘Old No. 7’ because it had become the brand’s unique identifier. Distillers used their district numbers, not logos, to promote their products in those days.

What is Jack Daniels Slogan?

Slogans play a crucial role in marketing and advertising a business. It can make or break your business’s popularity. Jack knew he needed a creative slogan to attract and retain customers in the relatively new whiskey business. So, he devised a mantra to market himself and his business. The slogan is – Make It Count.

This slogan sums up the desire to live, enjoy and give life all you’ve got. The mantra is believed to resonate with Jack’s lifestyle.

Who Started Jack Daniels?

Jack Daniels was founded by Jasper Newton Daniel, an American entrepreneur and a liquor specialist from Lynchburg, Tennessee. Although his birthday isn’t clearly known, most research states that Jack was born in September 1846 to Calaway and Lucinda Daniel. His mother died shortly after he was born.

Jack’s father remarried in 1851, but the stepmother mistreated Jack. So, he ran away after his father’s death and found refuge in a Baptist Church. As an orphan, Jack was taken by Dan Call, the preacher and a distiller who raised him. He learned the art of Whiskey making from the reverend and his slave.

In 1875, Jack received a share of his father’s property. With this support, he, together with Dan Call, went and registered a business. However, Dan Call stepped out for religious purposes not long after the business’s registration. Jack took over the business and turned it into what we now know as Jack Daniels.

Jack neither married nor had any child until he met his death through blood poisoning on 9th October 1911. He left his business to his nephews, who have kept his legacy alive today.

Who Invented Jack Daniels?

For over 150 years, the sparkling taste of the famous Jack Daniels has amazed many. Whiskey lovers have been left wondering who invented the mouth-watering recipe. Yes, Jack Daniel has received the credit for the invention, but was the recipe initially his?

Publications have stated otherwise. Apparently, the Jack Daniels recipe was invented by Nathan Green, an enslaved African American owned by Dan call. Green taught Jack how to make Whiskey and gave him the recipe, which he used to create a beverage empire.

Jack Daniels Short History

Today, Tennessee takes pride in some of the most authentic American whiskey firms, thanks to Jack Daniel’s Distillery. The company became the first registered distillery in the United States in 1866 and has inspired others in the state.

As mentioned above, the distillery was started by Jasper Newton Daniel together with Dan Call. The Whiskey’s recipe is said to have been made by Nathan Green, Dan Call’s slave. Green is considered the first African American master distiller in the U.S.

Dan Call left the business not so long after it started, leaving Jack Daniels to run it independently. Using the recipe and his share of his father’s estate, he turned the distillery into an empire. In 1884, Jack bought land and built the business’s headquarters, where it is until today.

In 1904, Jack Daniel’s distillery won an award at the World’s fair – the beginning of more to come. Three years later, Jack handed the business to his nephews – Lem and Jess Motlow – when his health deteriorated.

Brown-Forman Corporation purchased Jack Daniels in 1956. Chris Fletcher is the current and the eighth master distiller for the brand.

How Big Is Jack Daniel’s Distillery?

Today, Jack Daniels operates on 1,700 acres of land. It’s found in Moore County – the hometown of Jack. The company employs more than 700 workers, 95% of whom are local residents and two-thirds of generational descent.

The Whiskey is made from rye, corn, and malted barley. Quality ingredients are distilled in copper stills and are taken through – mellowing to remove the taste of corn. And there you have – the long-treasured liquor.

Jack Daniels has a wide range of products, including Gentleman Jack, Tennessee Fire, Old No.7, and Tennessee Rye. The company has produced more than 16.1 million cases and garnered about $121.7 million in net income in the same period.

The liquor firm ships about 119 million bottles each year and is the highest-ranked liquor brand in the world. The company is estimated to be worth $5.64 billion today.

Last Notes On Jack Daniels

The history of the Jack Daniels logo and its business is one hell of a ride. Jasper (Jack) Newton Daniel, an orphan, founded the company with the help of Dan Call. Jack’s actual birthday is unknown, but the company celebrates it in September. Jack acquired the art of Whiskey making from Nathan Green, Dan Call’s slave. Green also gave Jack the recipe to Jack Daniels, which he used to make the beverage empire.

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