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What Can The Creatives See On Their Side Of My Contest?

If you are currently holding a Hatchwise contest, or have held one in the past, you may be wondering how your contest looks to the creatives. After all, you know what you can see, but what about them? 

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How a contest looks on the creatives’ side of Hatchwise

Unless you add the Blind Upgrade to your contest (see more about that below), the creatives can see your contest brief, contest submissions, and the feedback that you leave on their submissions as well as on the other creatives’ entries (rating and comments). They are also able to see the general feedback that you can leave on the bottom of the main contest page. 

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  • If you have chosen to add the Blind Upgrade at the time of activating your contest then your contest submissions are hidden from the creatives. That means that they are only able to see their own entries in your contest. 

However, they are able to still see the comments and ratings left on the other contest submissions. 

  • If the contest is not Blind then the creatives can see their contest entries, other creatives’ entries, the feedback left on the submissions (ratings and comments), and the feedback that you leave on the main contest page. 
  • The creatives can also see your main contest brief, which is why it’s so important to provide plenty of information, to guide them in the right direction with their submissions. This also includes having access to any files that you have uploaded to the contest brief. 

If you have not made your contest Blind, and would like to, please contact support@hatchwise.com and they can assist you in purchasing and adding the upgrade to your contest. 

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