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How To Find Follow-up Work

Here at Hatchwise, we encourage our creatives to build relationships with our clients. We have many repeat customers, who, happy with the stellar results that they get from their contest, keep returning to have additional work done.

If you are a creative working on Hatchwise and have won a contest, there is a good chance that you may have the opportunity to work with clients, one-on-one, in the future, outside of Hatchwise. 

While Hatchwise does not allow you to exchange email addresses with clients holding active contests (for not only your protection but theirs as well) we do encourage you to send you contact info to a client if you are awarded a contest winner.

Many of our creatives have not only successfully entered and won hundreds of contests here at Hatchwise, over the years, but they have also worked, outside of Hatchwise, with clients.

Here are three easy ways to obtain follow-up work with a client

1. Win a contest. Yes, that’s right, the more that you enter contests and work with the clients (answering promptly, and making revisions) the better your chances are of being awarded the contest winner and being asked to work with the client in the future.

2. Send your contact information. If you have won a contest you will be uploading the final artwork files for the client. Then would be a good time to send you contact info, in case the client needs to contact you in the future (they will also receive your contact information from Hatchwise, at the time that you upload the final files, so don’t worry if you forget to send it). 

3. Show your talent. The best way to find follow-up work is to do a good job. The work that you submit on Hatchwise says a lot about you (not to mention that the clients can go and review your portfolio). By submitting quality work to multiple contests you are showing an accurate representation of the work that you can do. This will help to attract clients’ attention and perhaps prompt them to want to work with you in the future. 

Hatchwise is a community of talented creatives, and we love to see your hard work rewarded, not only by winning contests on our platform, but also outside of it, as you obtain freelancer work as a result of working on Hatchwise. The above list is several easy ways to open the door to finding follow-up work with clients. 

Note: exchanging emails with a client (unless you have been awarded the contest winner) is not allowed. Failure to follow these rules can result in your Hatchwise account being suspended. 

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