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The 5 Best Ways To Win A Hatchwise Contest

As a creative, it takes time and creativity to design artwork and think of tagline and name suggestions. Because of that, it’s important that you know the best ways to increase your chances of being selected and awarded the winner of the contests that you enter. 

Here are five easy things that you can do to increase your chances of winning a contest

  • Log in to read feedback and check ratings. You will be notified via email when one of your entries is given a rating or a comment is left on one of your submissions. It’s recommended that you log into your account to review the feedback left for you. 
  • Ask questions if there is any confusion. If you are unclear about what a client is looking for please contact them and ask them to clarify their request. You can do this either by sending them a private message or leaving a comment on their main contest page. 
  • Read the contest brief thoroughly. Before entering any contest it is imperative that you first thoroughly read the Design Brief to find out what the client’s request is. Then, go to the contest brief and take a look at the submissions and see the feedback that the client left for the other creatives to get an idea of what they do and don’t like about the current entries. 
  • Make changes and revisions. After you submit an entry to a contest the client may request that you make a change to it. While you aren’t required to make edits to your submissions we do recommend making them, since your entry may be selected as the contest winner as a result. 
  • Be prompt in replying. If a client sends you a message or leaves you a comment it’s recommended that you reply back to them as soon as possible. Contests do have a deadline (since after the contest submission period is over you can no longer upload entries to the contest) and you want to have time to review the feedback and answer the client, whether or not they are asking for revisions. 

Most importantly, don’t get discouraged! Keep up the good work and be persistent! You may win the first contest that you enter in or, it may take entering multiple contests, but you will be awarded a winner at some point if you just follow the tips above. 

Remember, enjoy creating and have fun!

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