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I Was Awarded The Contest Winner. What Happens Now?

Congratulations, you won a contest! 

If you are awarded the winner of the contest you will be notified via email by Hatchwise. The contest is in the “Verification” Stage before you are able to upload the files. 

What is Verification? 

Verification is a normal part of the award process and normally only takes a few hours. That is when the contest is being reviewed by our team before you get the go-ahead to upload the final files. 

Once the contest is Verified you will be again be notified and have 48 hours to prepare and upload the final files to Hatchwise. 

Where do I upload the final artwork? 

You will need log into your account and go to “My won contests”. If the contest was started a while back it may be further down the page and you will have to draw up your search bar to search for the contest by name. 

Once you find the contest you will see a place under the contest name that says “Upload final files”. Click there.

You will then be able to upload your zip files containing the final artwork. The maximum file size is 10MB. If your zip file is larger than that please only upload the source files and contact support@hatchwise.com. They will provide you with the client’s email address so that you can email the remaining files to them. 

After uploading the files you will see an “Upload Completed” notification and you are now all set!

Your account will be credited for the winning entry and the payment sent when the next payout is made. 

*Please note. If you have won a naming contest you will be uploading a text file only, that contains the winning name. 

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