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How Long Can My Hatchwise Contest Run For? Can I Keep Extending It?

Hatchwise contests normally run for 10 days (48 hours for Rush contests) but sometimes people find that they need more time to review the contest submissions or request revisions made to the contest submissions. 

After your contest submission period has ended* you have the option to either award a contest winner or, to add the extension upgrade your contest and see some great new entries come in. 

Contest extensions are calculated prior to purchasing and depend on the length of time you wish to extend your contest. You can extend your contest from 1-10 days length of time. 

I need more time than 10 days. Can I extend my contest again? 

Absolutely, You may keep extending your contest as long as you wish to, and keep seeing new entries come in. 

I only want revisions made, I don’t want new contest entries. 

If your contest is active then any creative is able to enter the contest, as well as upload revised entries to the contest.

If you are waiting for a revised entry to be uploaded and would like to minimize the number of entries you continue to receive while the contest is active then we suggest contacting the creative who is revising your entry and request that they upload the new submission as soon as possible. That way you can extend the contest only a day or two and reduce the number of new submissions that you receive. 

I wanted revisions and extended my contest and now the creative is not responding to me.

Since the creatives are not required to make edits and changes to their contest submissions (although most are more than happy to) we recommend contacting them prior to extending your contest, to see if they are willing to make the revisions for you. 

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Extending your contest gives you the opportunity to have changes made on submissions that you like, communicate more with the creatives, and see some fantastic new contest submissions come in! 

*Please note: the option to extend your contest only appears after the contest submission period is over.

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