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I Want To Increase My Hatchwise Contest Prize Amount. Can I Do That?

As your Hatchwise contest progresses you may find that you wish to increase your prize amount. 

Raising your prize amount can have several benefits for your contest, including seeing more participation from the creatives, as well as more overall interest generated in your contest. 

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If I raise my contest prize does that increase my number of guaranteed entries? 

Absolutely. If you choose to raise your contest prize than the number of submissions that you are guaranteed to see entered in the contest will increase as well. You can read more about our packages and the guaranteed number of designs, here. 

How do I raise my prize amount? 

If you wish to increase your prize amount you can do so by emailing support@hatchwise.com. Please include the amount that you wish to increase the prize by and your contest name. 

You will then be sent a PayPal invoice for the amount that you wish to increase your contest prize by. Once you make the payment you will see your contest prize raised within a couple of hours of the payment being received. 

How much should I increase my prize amount? 

While the Hatchwise minimum prize amount is $50, the average contest prize offered is $150. We recommend raising your contest prize in $50 increments at a time.

Can I raise my prize amount more than once? 

Yes. If you are happy with the results of increasing your prize and wish to add more to the contest prize you are welcome to raise it again at any time. 

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If you have a question about your contest or the prize amount please feel free to contact our customer support team at any time at support@hatchwise.com. They would happy to review your contest and offer advice or answer any questions that you might have regarding it.

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