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Can I Purchase A Design From A Contest That I Didn’t Hold?

Hatchwise has a large number of active contests that can be browsed. In addition to active contests there are also past contests visible to you as well. Viewing past contests is a wonderful way to see some of the incredible designs that the Hatchwise creative team dreams up, and get a better idea of what to expect with your own contest. 

Occasionally, as you browse through past contests you may find a design that you like and be interested in purchasing the rights to it. If that happens, what steps do you take? 

What happens if I see a design that I like? 

If you are browsing a contest and happen to see a design that you like (that was not awarded the contest winner) and are interested in purchasing it you will need to contact our customer service team at support@hatchwise.com with the contest name and the entry number of the design that you like. They can check to make sure that the design is available for you to purchase. 

How much does an Additional Design cost? 

All Additional Designs purchased from Hatchwise cost $100 apiece, regardless of the contest prize. 

How will I receive my new design? 

After finalizing the purchase the creative will prepare the final files for the design and send you the completed artwork via email. The email address that the files will be sent to is the one that you contact Hatchwise with. If you wish to have your artwork sent to another (or additional) email address please specify that at the time of contacting our support team.

Can I purchase more than one design? 

Depending on the availability of the designs, you may buy as many Additional Designs as you would like from a contest. 

Will I be able to edit the design that I purchase? 

You will receive the fully editable (layered) files and own the complete rights to the design. You are welcome to make any edits or changes to your new design, if you so desire. 

Will I receive the creative’s contact information? 

Yes, when the creative sends you the final artwork files you will have their email address and can contact them with any further questions, or if you are interested in working with them in the future.

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