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What Files Will I Receive With My Graphic Design?

When you receive your graphic design, you’ll get it in files that you will download to your computer.

Now, there are many files, and they have different uses. Sometimes you get multiple files and occasionally you must request specific ones. All files should include the font name, the colors used in the design, as well as a transparent version and a black and white version of the design (if it comes in color).

Final Files That You Can Expect To Recieve With Your Graphic Design


An Illustrator file is the gold standard for just about every one of your logo files. Most times, whenever you’re passing along your logo (for business cards printing, signage, etc.) to a professional, you’ll want to give them the EPD file.

This way (which is another benefit of using EPS files) it’ll be able to be sized up or down without deteriorating the image quality or restriction. This way, designers and printers will be able to make it whatever size they need.

The EPS file may be included as the AI file (it depends on what program the creative makes your design in).


​Jpegs are probably the most common file that you’ve heard of. A lot of photos from your phone or camera are JPEGs. A lot of the time, you’ll be able to easily recognize this by the ‘.jpg.’ at the end.

Now, the benefit of JPEGs is that they’re easy to place. However, they don’t size well, which is the downfall. They also have a background fill, which can be an issue in some instances.


​PDF files can be generated from Illustrator and then viewed by you, or someone else, who doesn’t have the Illustrator program.

They may also be vector files. Some issues can arise with getting your logo in a PDF file, but there are also some benefits from getting it one.


​All SVG files are vector files that are meant for web-based use. The great thing about SVGs is that they can be scaled and still look good, which is why they’re intended for web-based use.


The creative may also include the fonts used in the design (if they created a custom font that should definitely be included). If for some reason you don’t see the font names listed in the final files please contact our Support Team (at support@hatchwise.com) and they can easily assist you in finding out the name of the fonts used in your new design.

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