Videozeus Pricing, Featured Reviews and Alternatives


Meet Videozeus:

Though relatively a new kid on the block, formed in 2020, VideoZeus’ editing service ranks among the best-unlimited video editing companies in 2022. The firm is famous for its simple pricing package. For a flat rate, you get one video edited to your liking with unlimited editing options and a few extras.

Besides editing, the company offers other services such as thumbnail creation, channel management, and video content creation resources.

How Videozeus Works:

Videozeus works on one video at a time. Here is how their video editing process works:

Is Videozeus right for you:

Videozeus works with creators, influencers, and marketers. Their editing services are mainly meant for content creators, YouTubers, and course creators who can tell their stories through video in varying styles and different subject matters.

Why Veedyou Is Awesome:

Veedyou offers personalized services. They listen to your needs and assign you an editor well-versed with your industries to guarantee the best results. Their team of creative video editors offers new innovative ideas, presents unique transitions, and meets deadlines while ensuring you get precisely what you ask for.

The company is one of the best-unlimited video editing companies. While you can only pay for one video, the editing services for each video are unlimited. You get multiple revisions- until you’re satisfied with the work- and a dedicated video editor to work with you from start to end, among other services. In addition, there are extras such as resizing for various platforms.

Pricing and Packages

Videozeus offers one fixed package for its video editing services. For a flat rate of $149 per video, you get:

  • Flat rate editing
  • English speaking
  • Dedicated video editor
  • ​10-minute video length
  • 2-3 day delivery
  • Multiple revisions
  • ​30-second cutdown
  • Stock Footage/music
  • Motion graphics​
  • Proven processes

Turnaround Time

Videozeus promises a turnaround time of 2 to 3 days, working on one video at a time. On the other hand, revisions are completed within a day of request.

Videozeus Pros

  • Several file types accepted; MOV, MP4, M4V, etc
  • Offer stock motion graphics

Videozeus Cons

  • First turnaround time of 2 to 3 days
  • Inflexible package
  • Flat rate editing that covers, among other things, a dedicated video editor, stock footage/music, etc.
  • Limited to 10 minutes finished video length
  • Multiple revisions