Viddedit Pricing, Featured Reviews and Alternatives

Viddedit - "Video Editing Services Company"

Meet Viddedit:

Viddedit is an unlimited video editing company that works with virtually any client.

They can extend a helping hand with exceptional editing to Youtubers, wedding enthusiasts, and even businesses. The company has many video editors experienced in different footages, including videos captured using drones and GosPros.

How Viddedit Works:

Viddedit has one of the most direct processes to get started. Here’s how it works. 

Is Videdit Right for you?

Viddedit does a great job, especially for projects with tight deadlines without compromising quality. They believe no task is too urgent to take up. The company is also an excellent option for people looking for an affordable company for basic editing needs. They offer fair prices for different packages.

Why Viddedit is awesome:

Viddedit will take up your footage and turn it into a video that will relive the adventure. They enhance the quality of the video and bring your footage to life with music, titles, and transitions. The company allows you to pay 25% and complete the remaining amount after you’re satisfied with the results.


Pricing and Packages

There are different types of videos to be edited. Each of these videos differs in length. The package for each video considers the type of video, its length, and additional photos.

Turnaround Time

Viddedit offers a 7 day turnaround time.

Viddedit Pros

  • With only a 25% deposit, you can start a project
  • Quality video editing services
  • They edit all types of video formats
  • Up to three free revisions
  • Quick turnaround

Viddedit Cons

  • Poor coloring in some instances