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I Need Multiple Projects Done. Which Type Of Contest Do I Start First?

Chances are that if you are starting out launching a new company you are going to need more than just a logo. You may also be in the market for a company name, product names, icons, other graphic designs, business card and stationery design, and perhaps even website design. 

We get it. Starting a new company is a pretty important step. And now that you are ready to take that step you want to get it right. 

So, what order DO you begin Hatchwise contests in, if you need to hold different types of contests?

  1. Start with the name. You can’t have a business without a name. If you don’t have a name we suggest starting a naming contest and have hundreds of creatives submit names suggestions to you. That way you have the opportunity to find a name that you love for your new business. 

  1. Move onto the logo. Once you have a name for your business (if you already have one then skip the above step) you are then ready to start a logo contest. When you start your logo contest you can let the creatives know the name of your business so that they can include it on your new logo design (if you wish to have the name on it). 

  1. Consider a website design. As you are having your logo designed you are probably having your website built. What many people are not aware of is that a website has to have a design. You may want to consider holding a website design contest to find the perfect design that compliments your business. You can then give the uncoded static design to your developer to implement into your website. 

  1. Let’s move to business cards and stationery design. As you are getting your new company ready to launch you are going to need some cards and stationery to share about your new business. This is the perfect time to start a business card and stationery contest. You can then take the design to the printer of your choice and have as many printed as you need. 

Everything else comes after. Now, once you have your company name, logo, website, and business cards you may want to consider other types of contests, such as icons, or product names. 

The foundation of a good business is a memorable name and an eye-catching logo. After you have that you can move on to starting the next contest until you have everything that you need to create a successful company.

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