Method to Madness Agency Pricing, Featured Reviews and Alternatives

Method to Madness Agency - "In a world of noise, we ensure you’re heard LOUD and CLEAR"

Meet Method to Madness Agency:


If the cool name didn’t say enough, then buckle up. The M2M agency is a powerhouse in the world of video editing and digital marketing. They work with dynamic brands to create a unique identity to produce campaigns that enable these companies to reach a huge audience, grab their attention, and hold on for life.

How M2M Works:

They cover a spectrum of marketing needs, so the nuts and bolts vary based on what you need.

What we can tell you is the sign-up process is quick, the upload is fast and saved securely in their servers in New Delhi, and you can cancel within 14 days for a full money back guarantee.

Is M2M Right for you?

Their world is marketing. If you are trying to establish a brand and get the recognition you need to maximize visibility, they are for you. If you have videos that need to be professionally edited, you are in the right place. Perhaps you have a nonprofit that needs some extra attention. They do that, too. You be the judge if they are right for you.


Why M2M Is Awesome:

They don’t just do video editing; they are the whole marketing enchilada. The list of services M2M offers rivals all similar companies in the industry by leaps and bounds. They even work with nonprofits, something few other entities can say. If you need marketing for a business, online or brick and mortar, they want to work with you.

Pricing and Packages

Before you see the packages, it is important to tell you of a quick discount you will receive on your first order. M2M gives new clients a $100 credit, accessible with a simple click.


The standard across all packages is 1-2 days for turnaround

M2M Agency Pros

  • Epic list of services
  • 4 packages to choose from
  • $100 discount on first order
  • Comprehensive list of perks
  • Lots of unlimited options

M2M Agency Cons

  • Half year package is expensive (while comprehensive)
  • They won’t edit an animated video