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Matchstic - "We are the brand identity house of the South."

Meet Matchstic:

This Southern company is here to make your brand relevant by improving its identity and the scope of its reach. Your brand identity is essential, must stand out to those who know it as well as those who do not. They help brands uncover and express what makes them amazing to drive the culture forward.

How Matchstic Works:

There is almost nothing listed in the sign-up process or how they do their actual naming or brand crafting.

Is Matchstic Right for you?

If you want the best brand identity generation outfit in the South, then definitely. They work with many brands to give them plenty of visibility, and that is how you get traffic. They wish to shape the industry with strategies and writing that captures the attention and engages on a visceral level.

Why Matchstic Is Awesome?

They aren’t the usual stuff agency that is all about processes and metrics. Instead, they come at the work from an off-beat tilt that adds an element of entertaining whimsy to the work. And who doesn’t remember something that makes them smile? That is what they do. They strive to connect with your audience emotionally.

Pricing and Packages

Nothing is listed.


No turnaround windows listed.

Matchstic Pros

  • Lots of creative writers, artists, and strategists
  • Have worked with huge brands
  • Curiously offbeat
  • Experts in branding

Matchstic Cons

  • Not full service
  • Website info is limited
  • No hand in Marketing Execution