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Connecting The Dots - "Making an impact is better than creating an impression."

Meet Connecting The Dots:

Connecting the Dots is not a traditional marketing agency. They are never satisfied just doing the bare minimum. And they never use account managers, only specialist for your marketing desires. They have hacked the formula for growth and scaling for businesses and they share this with you.

How Connecting The Dots Works:

There doesn’t seem to be a step-by-step list for getting your work underway. Just a contact us button.

Is Connecting The Dots Right for You?

They believe the right question is more important than the right answer to the wrong question. They believe in the power and value of ideas, which leads to development, incubation, investment in, and curation of new ideas, products and properties. Does that sound like something you need?

What makes Connecting The Dots awesome:

They want to give you more leads, but past that they want those leads to be better than what you have settled for in the past. They know customer retention is paramount and a happy client is a client that is willing to come back and see what you have new for them today. Retention of traffic is awesome, no matter how you slice it.

Pricing and Packages

There is no pricing listed. Perhaps after contacting them, they can give you a rundown of a price schedule.

Turnaround Time

No turnaround time is listed on the site. Contact them for the information.

Connecting The Dots Pros

  • New approach to design
  • New approach to design
  • Goal oriented
  • Focused team

Connecting The Dots Cons

  • No turnaround
  • No pricing
  • No steps to start