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Building A Content Marketing Machine Like A Pro

Content marketing is where it’s at. Every business now is using content marketing to grab consumer’s attention and convince them to use their services. If done right, there’s something almost magical about the power that content marketing has over consumers to convince them to buy from a company.

Any quick Google search will show you the shocking comparisons that come into play when looking at the different stats between content marketing and other forms of marketing.

So, with content marketing on the rise, the question isn’t if you should use content marketing but how ​ to use content marketing. The art of content marketing is a powerful one to know, but it takes time, patience, and an excellent strategy to be able to ace content marketing.

Let’s take a look at how you can build a content marketing plan like a pro.

The Goal

The first, and perhaps dare I say even the most important, step in creating your machine is the goal. Whether it be with lead generation or gaining a new percentage of customers, every business must start with a goal.

Your goal should be clear and well defined. Once you have a goal you can work on the plan. Your plan should clearly state how you’ll get from where you are now to your desired goal. It’s important that when making your plan it’s practical and achievable.

Keep your goal clear, achievable, and ensure that your plan has actionable items.

Your Team

The next step in your content marketing machine is your team. To accomplish your goal, you’ll need people to follow the plan that you’ve made. To create your team, you have to make a list of people that can accomplish these goals. Need content written? Ask yourself who can do that.

Often this part of the machine depends heavily on your budget. If you can afford to get the best team of writers available to write content for you then you certainly should. However, you also may be able to pull it off with paying a freelancer much less and still get good content.

Ideas For Fresh and New Content

This section of the machine is where many people tend to struggle; sometimes it can be difficult to come up with new and fresh ideas for content daily.

However, the number one crucial thing which you must remember is that you’re not producing content for yourself, you’re producing it for your consumers. We suggest making a list; detail everything about your consumers. These should include their interests, their age range, and along with it everything that grabs their attention.

Experiment on social media platforms to learn what appeals to your consumers. Once you know what they’re interested in it’ll be a lot easier to come up with ideas for content to give them. Remember that it’s all about your consumers and what they’re interested in.

Get Your Calendar Going

The next part is your calendar. Your calendar should have a list of your consumers, what they’re interested in as well as show your content. This content should, at a glance, instantly show you if the content you’re displaying is aligned with what your consumers are interested in.

However, it’s important that you don’t get too caught up in the specifics of this. It’s much more important that you’re focusing on creating exceptional content for your consumers then worrying about your calendar.


Once you have production up and going it’s important that you continue monitoring it as you get closer to your goal. Be aware of your audience and understand what you can change as you assess your content and consumers. Ensure that you’re aware of each stage in the machine and constantly being aware of what’s happening.

Ensure that you are continuously looking at your content and making sure that what you’re pushing out is only the best content. Constantly be aware of your consumers and how they’re reacting to the content that they’re receiving. As you get closer to your original goal ensure that you assess your traffic and conversion.

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